Website Highlights Drinking Water Research Worldwide

Continuing the celebration of National Drinking Water Week, EPA is launching a new Drinking Water Research Information Network (DRINK) website that tracks on-going drinking water research.
DRINK website will help disseminate information within the research community, assess future research priorities, provide updates on regulations and support programs that protect drinking water and public health.
The DRINK system connects to EPA's ORD Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) database and to external drinking water research organizations including academic institutions and international organizations. Through the connection of the two databases, DRINK can provide a single source for ongoing research information. This resource is critical to fill data gaps, identify key personnel for workgroup and public meetings and strategically plan for regulations that are under development.
As a centralized resource of drinking water research, DRINK allows EPA to effectively plan its research needs. The DRINK website is available at: . Information on EPA's drinking water program is at:


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