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The eXact iDip photometer is a solution for accurate, lab-quality, field water quality... more

Itron’s cellular solution for water utilities enables utilities to collect real-time... more

AXEON Water Technologies offers a line of proprietary chemicals formulated to minimize... more

United Filters Intl.'s UPDN cartridges have been tested and certified by the... more

Bio Energizer from Probiotic Solutions is a specialized micro carbon complex that is used in municipal and industrial systems to reduce sludge,... more

Membrane systems for treating drinking water keep evolving, and the recent introduction of the Memcor CPII ultrafiltration (UF) system is no... more

The AMI ISE Fluoride comes as a complete system, premounted on a PVC panel,... more

Sonic-Pro S3 hybrid ultrasonic flowmeters can be used in Doppler or transit time operation... more

The Triton DO80 sensor was developed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment... more

Ultrapen PT4 is Myron L Co.’s new pocket tester for measuring free chlorine disinfecting power, free chlorine... more

The Hydra nitrate analyzer system monitors the nitrification process in aeration basins at wastewater treatment plants, a process during which... more

The Vision570 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a built-in human machine interface (HMI)... more

Rotor aeration has been utilized for more than 50 years to provide dissolved oxygen and mixing in more than 2,000 oxidation ditch activated sludge... more

Accurate flow data in a treatment facility is key to understanding whether the system is operating efficiently. Monitoring flow in each pump... more

Filter backwashing is a critical part of the drinking water production process. During backwashing, water flow is reversed and increased in order... more

Sites can be made operational quickly with simple site preparation and fast installation.... more

AXEON Water Technologies features a range of membrane chemicals formulated to treat a variety of feed... more

Shimadzu’s next-generation online TOC-4200 analyzer offers new functionality for expanded... more

The measurement and control of free chlorine (Cl2) is simplified with the... more

Mazzei’s pipeline flash reactors (PFR) utilize high velocity mixing to transfer liquid chemicals (NaOCl, ClO2... more


Raleigh, N.C., has added a small increase to water bills as a permanent watershed protection fee. Do you agree with this idea?: