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Severn Trent Services performed an innovative manhole rehabilitation for the City of Watertown, New York. While an independent contractor hired by... more

U.S.$140 million project includes largest bonneted
knife-gate valves, grooved... more


Baltimore County recently reconditioned nearly 100,000... more

BI-CHEM® DC 2000GL with BioS? 3112 Grease Reduction Evaluation In Low-flow Lift Stations
Buildup of fats, oils and greases (FOG) in lift... more

Bioaugmentation at Citrus Processing Plant Improves COD Reduction and System Stability While Reducing Upsets

A Florida... more

A 3 MGD (11,300 m3d) New England wastewater plant needs to nitrify each year from May 1 to October 1 in order to meet seasonal permit limits.... more

Mid-size trucking firm knew that oily sludge in wastewater from cleaning out the company's tanker trucks was a problem. Meeting municipal... more

In metal parts production, oils used during various stages of the manufacturing process can adhere to the metal parts, resulting in poor adhesion... more

Caterpillar dealer supplies rental of machines for short-term use in construction. When machines are returned, many are loaded with mud, grease... more

Most of this water was storm water that had accumulated in a large holding tank. With a treatment system that included organoclay from Biomin, Inc... more

A manufactured gas storage tank had contained gas, water and coal tar. Three million gallons of wastewater were stored in this tank. The critical... more

As part of ongoing efforts to serve an ever-growing under-sea force, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Division replaced its entire outdated berthing pier... more

The City of Charleston, W.V., is situated in a low-lying valley and is subject to severe spring flooding as rapid mountain snowmelts combine with... more

A Water Service company had customers that were scheduled for completions of weekly, biweekly and monthly services. Sometimes their customers had... more

Alexandria Sanitation Authority in Alexandria, Virginia.

As the city's primary sewage treatment facility, this plant... more

The maintenance crew at Pennsylvania Power Company’s Bruce Mansfield Plant in Shippingport, Penn., had a chronic problem with cracking and... more

When one of four circulating water pumps at the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Chalk Point Generating Station began to leak, engineers... more

The Town of Cobourg, located near Toronto, Canada, has reduced operating cost at its wastewater pumping station by 30% after an... more

Monitoring sludge levels in clarifiers is important for efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant, but accurate... more

Organic hydrocarbons and PCB’s were to be removed from the sediments of a creek bed in western New York State as part of a NYSDEC consent order.... more


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