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A manufactured gas storage tank had contained gas, water and coal tar. Three million gallons of wastewater were stored in this tank. The critical... more

As part of ongoing efforts to serve an ever-growing under-sea force, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Division replaced its entire outdated berthing pier... more

The City of Charleston, W.V., is situated in a low-lying valley and is subject to severe spring flooding as rapid mountain snowmelts combine with... more

A Water Service company had customers that were scheduled for completions of weekly, biweekly and monthly services. Sometimes their customers had... more

Alexandria Sanitation Authority in Alexandria, Virginia.

As the city's primary sewage treatment facility, this plant... more

The maintenance crew at Pennsylvania Power Company’s Bruce Mansfield Plant in Shippingport, Penn., had a chronic problem with cracking and... more

When one of four circulating water pumps at the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) Chalk Point Generating Station began to leak, engineers... more

The Town of Cobourg, located near Toronto, Canada, has reduced operating cost at its wastewater pumping station by 30% after an... more

Monitoring sludge levels in clarifiers is important for efficient operation of a wastewater treatment plant, but accurate... more

Organic hydrocarbons and PCB’s were to be removed from the sediments of a creek bed in western New York State as part of a NYSDEC consent order.... more

"We sell water softening systems," says Kinetico IS Manager Ned Sherry. "We install them, and we do service calls. We deliver salts, and one store... more

Early Spanish settlers described Ventura County as the “land of everlasting summers” and named this region located northwest of Los Angeles County... more

Don Utz, the President of Metalcraft, 55943 Hoosier Avenue, Mishawaka IN 46545, utilizes a Wire Electronic Discharge Machine for machining. Their... more

Installation of a new system that grinds, washes, compacts, and dewaters bar screenings at the Meriden(CT) Water Pollution Control Facility has... more

Brackish water at the Brandon Shores Power Plant on the Patapsco River in Maryland (owned and operated by Constellation Power Source) was eroding... more

Pumping the Everglades clean

When the Florida Legislature passed the Everglades Forever Act in 1994, it enlisted the help of pump... more

The superintendent for a midwest quarry had pump control dilemmas. The existing float system was failing the quarry on several accounts. The... more

Colorado Springs, CO WWTP - Colorado Springs had mechanical and process problems with their submerged directional mixers, which were causing... more

In the late '90s, organic and ammonia loadings to Leacock Township, PA STP increased to the point where they routinely exceeded the nominal design... more

The problem associated with reverse osmosis produced water is not in the processing, nor in the ability to provide needed quantities of water to... more


Raleigh, N.C., has added a small increase to water bills as a permanent watershed protection fee. Do you agree with this idea?: