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Boosting water production and increasing water quality is a major challenge for municipalities that are equipped with aging or under-performing... more

New flowmeters provide savings for their entire flow monitoring programFormed as a "special purpose" district in 1958, the Hazel Dell Sewer... more

The Florida panhandle area is booming especially the scenic Walton County. The area's setting has made the county the sixth fastest growing county... more

Environmental compliance is a key driver in municipalities deciding to enter public-private partnerships. The city of Glen Cove, N.Y., contracted... more

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of municipalities utilizing ultraviolet technology (UV) as a means for... more

Manistee, Mich., a major tourist destination known for its charter boats and sport fishing, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.... more

A $300 million peak-flow treatment facility in Birmingham, Ala., that has been in operation since mid-2003 has dramatically improved wastewater... more

Regulations are under way to control the nutrient discharge into the environment. Wastewater treatment and water utilities that regulate nutrient... more

Operators of a north-central Florida water reclamation facility needed a new way to take in-tank DO measurements to maximize aeration efficiency... more

With sections of its water main system more than 100 years old, the village of Ripley, Ohio had a problem common to many municipalities in the... more

Disruption of water and wastewater services can be inconvenient. But sometimes, a main system shutdown can have serious consequences. In hospitals... more

In February of 2003, a SonTek/YSI Argonaut-SW (Shallow Water) was installed at a site on the lower Colorado River near Needles, Ariz. by the U.S.... more

Located in Northwest Colorado, the Town of Oak Creek is a modest-sized community with a diverse landscape of mountainous peaks and rolling ranch... more

In 2001 Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., one of the country’s largest investor-owned water utilities, began development on the Meyers Tract well system, a... more

Even in Antarctica, one of the coldest, most barren corners of the Earth, there is a wastewater treatment plant that is processing sewage. In... more

England’s wastewater system dates from the Victorian era, but in recent decades has undergone significant overhauls. The industry put in place... more

Scottish Water, the U.K.’s fourth largest water treatment organization, recently installed three Bandscreen Monsters® at their Hawick treatment... more

It’s called the American Riviera. Santa Barbara is a crown jewel along California’s beautiful coast line, with lush rolling hills, luxury resorts... more

Maryland Environmental Services (MES) operates lift stations for a correctional facility in Jessup, Maryland. As part of a planned lift station... more

Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) of Carrboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina initially purchased a Godwin HL10M Dri-Prime pumpset and... more


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