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A novel membrane filtration system, first used to remove organic material from surface water used for drinking, is now preparing water for... more

The City of Burlington, N.C., is centrally located in the Piedmont area with the Blue Ridge Mountains on the west and the Atlantic seashore on the... more

In 1990, the United States Environmental Protection Agency implemented stormwater runoff regulations in an attempt to control the pollution... more

Even utility companies must conserve their energy costs. One of the big energy users is the multitude of pumps required to operate plants. In many... more

Officials with Flowtronex PSI® recently completed a municipal pump system for the United States Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville,... more

In 1971, the Falmouth, Maine, wastewater collection system began operation with 23 miles of sewer line and seven pumping stations handling more... more

The Moreno Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) in southern California uses four 48-ft-diameter, 22-ft sidewater depth digesters, with... more

The need for a new district courthouse parking lot and a Department of Environmental Protection regulation requiring the clean up of contaminated... more

As the computer and process automation world continues to take giant leaps forward, suppliers are challenged to bring advanced functionality to... more

The Rainier View Water Company treats Pierce County's drinking water supply in the state of Washington. The raw water in the area is more acidic... more

Eastman Kodak Company's Rochester, N.Y. location, also known as Kodak Park (KP), produces nearly half of Kodak's worldwide production of imaging... more

Phosphoric acid (pH of 1.7) is a common waste product of cola bottling plants. Most municipalities require that this acid be neutralized prior to... more

Problem Description:
The customer operates a large network of storm water pump stations that are used to handle the runoff of heavy rain.... more

A major urban Department of Sanitation needed a system for monitoring gasoline vapors, kerosene and other hydrocarbons that might enter the screen... more

Xerxes Tanks Offer Many Advantages in Underground Storage of Water Supplies

Minneapolis-based, fiberglass-tank manufacturer Xerxes... more

The Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has traditionally treated water from its wells by injecting gaseous chlorine that was stored on site... more

By Treaty, the international land boundary between the United States and Mexico extends over 1,952 miles, westward from the mouth of the Rio... more


PacifiCorp will use Sutron Corporation's monitoring system to bring real-time flow... more

Louisville MSD selected Severn Trent Services to conduct a phased Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey for the purposes of determining the origins of... more

Severn Trent Services was selected to conduct a study involving analysis of the connections between Greensboro's water system and the neighboring... more


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