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Process and plant engineers at municipal wastewater treatment facilities need to measure, monitor and dispose of methane (CH4) and... more

Upgrading a plant’s gas flowmeters can improve process efficiency, reduce energy costs and save on maintenance expenses in both equipment and... more

This white paper will deal with cavitation solutions as they relate to valves and specifically pilot-operated automatic control valves. A high-... more

The Philadelphia Suburban Water Company replaced the support gravel and media in four of the dual media filters at the Pickering West Water... more

Water storage tanks and reservoirs are a critical component of distribution systems, yet they can pose a significant challenge for water utilities... more

The Myron L Company Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE) feature directly measures ORP, the germ-killing property of chlorine and other oxidizing... more

During April and May of 2007, Earth Tech Inc. conducted a pilot study examining the effectiveness of potential treatment for iron and manganese... more

Hungerford & Terry, Inc. conducted a pilot study at SCWA’s Madison Hill plant, located on Madison Hill Road, Montauk, New York. The purpose of... more

The old system supplied six residents, the schools, the library and the senior center. The rest of the town had individual wells. Now there are... more

Infilco provides high-performance water, wastewater, and sludge treatment solutions for any size population and virtually any influent condition.... more

Ice damage inside your water storage tanks can cost you thousands of dollars every winter and can lead to expensive emergency repairs. Learn how... more

Ozone is the strongest practical oxidant available for water treatment processes. The versatile chemical oxidation and disinfection... more

Fast-growing Hooper, Utah, was the largest unsewered city in the state when it incorporated in 2000. At the time, almost all Hooper residents were... more

This white paper helps assist in the process of choosing the proper communication platform. It includes a background of the remote monitoring... more

For many municipalities, the traditional method of sewer flow monitoring is an expensive proposition and can be a hassle. The flow meter network... more

A Practical Guide to Pump Shaft Alignment Laser alignment is an essential component of a proactive maintenance strategy for rotating machines.... more

This paper overviews ultra high solids, medium film systems newly recognized by AWWA, demonstrating the ways in which adhering to the standard can... more

The Village of Alloway, NJ had been looking to replace its septic tanks for decades, but cost and inconvenience delayed the project until 2007.... more

Water loss is a major concern for most water utilities worldwide, as it affects not only operational processes but also impacts the financial,... more

Metrology advancements are helping utilities increase revenue, gather intelligence, reduce costs, and protect resources. Sensus surpassed the... more


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