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The city of Zachary, La., installed a new AMR Drive-By System in 2003 that earned them an international award presented by Public Technology, Inc... more

Dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring in wastewater is critical for efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants. Continuous and reliable DO... more

In 1994, the borough of Boyertown, Pa. was faced with the dilemma of replacing two employees approaching their retirement. First was the... more

The Birmingham Wastewater Treatment plant in Kansas City, MO., is an activated sludge treatment facility that processes 12.4 million gallons of... more

In 1999, the Ralph Brennan Water Treatment Plant in Daytona Beach, Fla., embarked on a program to improve or replace its 25-year old gaseous... more

Wine caves are growing increasingly popular in California’s wine country. This is especially true in Napa County, Calif., where there are more... more

There were two major hurricanes that passed through Louisiana in 2005. Most people remember the first, Katrina, because it caused major damage in... more

Due to the drought in the southeast of England during 2005 and 2006, the Environment Agency has allowed increased water abstraction from certain... more

Since Gilbert, Ariz., entered into a public-private partnership two decades ago for the... more

The Blue Ridge Rural Water Co., in South Carolina now has four residential water systems with new meters, and a growing number of AMR (automatic... more

For many years the use of gaseous chlorine at water treatment plants has been an effective method of disinfection. In fact, it is currently the... more

The city of Frostburg is a small municipality in western Maryland. The current water treatment plant treats a flow rate of 3 MGD to serve the city... more

The key drivers for municipalities deciding to enter public-private partnerships are cost savings, maximized system efficiencies and regulatory... more

The South Bend Water Works in Indiana supplies drinking water to 120,000 people in St. Joseph County. This includes 98,000 residents of the city... more

Anyone managing a rural water system knows to expect the unexpected from nature: High winds may knock a tree across a road and heavy rains can... more

Managers of a 1.2 mgd (189 m3/h) wastewater treatment plant in Star, Idaho, have reported the successful installation of a solids separation and... more

The driving force in the aquaculture industry worldwide is the growing demand for humans to have a healthy food source. Aquaculture is the term... more

Salt Lake City, Utah, is the home of the Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), a modern 65-mgd wastewater treatment plant that uses the... more

Since 1893, family-owned and operated Gallagher Uniform has provided a full range of uniform... more

The Yountville Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in scenic Napa Valley, Calif., used to have a not so scenic problem.

The facility,... more


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