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The city of St. Cloud, located 27 miles south of Orlando, Fla., supplies water to a rapidly growing community of approximately 45,000 people. The... more

Located among the rolling hills and wetlands of Northern Illinois, Wynstone is an upscale, private community centered on a Jack Nicklaus-crafted... more

The Ameren Coffeen Power Station in Coffeen, Ill., draws its water from a man-made 1,100-acre lake, which also boasts more than 20 species of fish... more

In the Buckeye State, the village of St. Henry, Ohio, is bucking the trend of many rural farming communities. Instead of losing residents and... more

Hooper, Utah, opts for vacuum sewer system to solve urgent sewage problems For more than 150 years, Hooper, Utah, was a small, unremarkable rural... more

A private military school in Southeast Wisconsin derived its water supply from two wells. One was more than 80 years old and the Layne pump had... more

The Garber-Wellington aquifer, a 280-million-year-old geologic formation in central Oklahoma, supplies municipal, industrial, commercial,... more

Myron L Co.'s Ultrameter II water quality instruments deliver the most accurate... more

Before the first Muffin Monster grinder was installed, Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) had no effective... more

In June 2009, the Stewart County Water Co. selected and began working with AdEdge... more

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Homer City Power Generation is a three-unit, coal-fired power plant producing 1.884 MW of power and capable of sustaining 2 million households.... more

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Pennsylvania communities address water quality challenges through partnership

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Vacuum sewer system proves to be an excellent investment for a South Carolina community
The relationship between cost and value is usually... more

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Durable bar screens provide protection for a Build-Operate-Transfer project in Reynosa, Mexico

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