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The water quality of the River Thames has affected the activities of mankind for centuries. In 1858, Parliament was suspended because of a stench... more

Because of the growing tourism industry in British Columbia, the Cultus Country Resort, 60 miles east of Vancouver, was in need of wastewater... more

In 2005, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) reported more than 200 public water systems that at one time exceeded the new... more

The Twentynine Palms Water District serves a population of approximately 17,000 through a system of nine potable wells. The system comprises 7,600... more

In 2004, a team of researchers from Washington state’s King County Wastewater Treatment Division took on the task of cleaning up problems with the... more

The district of Kitimat, B.C, a coastal community with 10,000 residents, is located at the head of the Douglas Channel and the Kitimat River. The... more

In the U.S., much of the Southwest suffers from high levels of naturally occurring arsenic in its groundwater. This is especially true 3 miles... more

The residents of Brockton, Mass., can finally water their lawns. This is a big deal because Brockton is transitioning from water bans to water... more

When it rains in Maine, dangerous chemicals run off the ground and into the clamflats and beaches of Casco Bay. Volunteers and staff from Friends... more

Water shortages, increasing populations and more stringent environmental regulations have increased the cost of clean water and led to the... more

With the growing concern over aging infrastructure, municipal and private water departments across the U.S. are relying on water revenue to offset... more

The Leicester Water Supply District is located in Worcester County, Mass., about an hour west of Boston. Like many American communities, Leicester... more

Many communities in the water-stressed desert areas of the Southwest are turning to surface water sources for potable water supplies instead of... more


Raleigh, N.C., has added a small increase to water bills as a permanent watershed protection fee. Do you agree with this idea?: