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Alternative energy is becoming increasingly popular as the costs of water and energy continue to rise and more pressure is put on corporations to... more

Western Monmouth Utilities Authority (WMUA) in Manalapan, N.J., operates more than 30 pump stations, servicing more than 79,000 customers. With... more

At a wastewater treatment plant in Indiana, operators were struggling to keep their pond system in compliance and were facing enforcement action... more

It is not a secret that the water and wastewater industry often utilizes pre-engineered concrete buildings for its treatment, pumping and... more

In September 2012, AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was awarded a contract managed by... more

Lubrizol, a highly advanced chemicals manufacturer, was experiencing severe corrosion in the case of one of its decanter centrifuges. In theory,... more

When it comes to potable water storage tanks, the Aqua Pennsylvania 10-million-gal Sproul Road ground storage tank in Philadelphia is about as big... more

The city of Warm Springs is a small community of approximately 1,000 residents located in central Georgia. In 2010, water testing found a radium... more

Stanly County, in central North Carolina, is typical of many smaller rural water utilities in the U.S. Due to excess capacity in the city water... more

The phrase “timing is everything” might mean more to people in construction than in any other industry. It is true that many factors make a... more

In 2001, the government of Uganda started to plan the construction of a new hydroelectric power plant at Bujagali Falls, which is about 8 km north... more

A rectangular, in-ground concrete tank in Ontario, Calif., had poor circulation and low turnover, and it suffered from excessive water age. During... more

RHV Steyr—a community environmental association serving the city of Steyr, Austria, and several neighboring villages—enlarged and modernized its... more

Missouri American Water (MAW), a regional division of American Water Works Co., serves 1.5 million people in more than 150 Missouri communities.... more

The water municipality of a mid-size city in the Western region of the U.S. serving a population of approximately 180,000 people needed to address... more

At the beginning of the Civil War, Union soldiers occupied Arlington, Va., realizing that the location offered a great strategic location, just... more

With no wastewater treatment system in place, Flatscher Erdbau & Schotterwerk GmbH faced a number of challenges that were threatening the... more

Progressive schools and universities are making great strides in managing water consumption and finding new ways to reduce overall cost of... more

The Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center is a year-round West Virginia recreational facility known for hosting camps, business meetings and other social... more

The pulp and papermaking industry is very water-intensive and ranks third in the world in terms of freshwater withdrawal—as much as 60 cu m of... more


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