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Since 1886, American Water has been “maintaining high water quality standards and dependable service” and “finding ways to do it better,”... more

Florida community learns lessons during hurricanes of 2004 The citizens of central Florida will never forget 2004. Within a six-week period three... more

In November 2009 AdEdge was selected by the Resort Village of Kannata Valley (RVKV) to supply an... more

For several years, local Michigan municipalities were overloaded with septage disposal issues and it was difficult for private pumpers to offload... more

Located in Shiawassee County, Mich., the city of Perry is located 10 miles east of Lansing. While Perry's roots are in industry and commerce, more... more

Founded in 1997, the Manila Water Co. (MWC) serves the potable water needs of more than 5 million residents of the Philippines capital and cities... more

Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), one of two treatment facilities owned by Stafford County, Va., began operation in 1991. It... more

Israel’s pioneers set out to make the desert bloom, and they have succeeded. Along the way, they have forged the gold standard for wastewater... more

Mixing and oxygenation are required in most municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to increase the rate at which bacteria... more

In the fall of 2008, AdEdge was selected by the village of Corona, N.M., to design, manufacture and... more

No one will ever mistake Alloway, N.J., for New York or Philadelphia. Alloway is a tiny town (population 2,500) located in the southwest part of... more

Sahuarita Water Co. (SWC) is a state and federally regulated private water utility dedicated to providing quality drinking water to a 4.7-sq-mile... more

A 1.6-million-gal circular ground level water tank was installed by Pepperdine University as part of the Drescher Graduate facility at its Malibu... more

Located 15 miles southwest of Boston, Canton is a town steeped in history. Perhaps most famously, Paul Revere once lived in Canton, and this is... more

In November 1988, the European Union published Directive 98/83/EC, which aimed to reduce the formation of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) and set... more

Minneapolis, Kan., is just 15 minutes north of Salina near the middle of the state. The city’s drinking water is supplied through groundwater... more

The cities of Litchfield Park and Goodyear, Ariz., share more than their proximity to Phoenix. Both are located approximately 20 miles west of... more

Reunion Island is a French-controlled territory off the coast of South Africa situated in the Indian Ocean approximately 500 miles east of... more


What do you think of EPA's proposed FY 2016 budget of $2.3 billion for Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds?: