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Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District (FSSD) in California installed a Vaughan Rotamix hydraulic mixing system next to an identical anaerobic digester... more

The residents of Brockton, Mass., can enter this summer without restrictions to water their lawns and gardens. This is a big deal because Brockton... more

In November 2009, AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was selected by the Resort Village of Kannata Valley (RVKV... more

A U.S. medical device manufacturer wanted to expand production capacity without exceeding discharge limits that could result in crippling... more

Portable refrigerated samplers are able to meet the needs of the... more

Metaldyne’s Twinsburg, Ohio aluminum die casting plant is a world leader in the production of aluminum valve body castings. To facilitate their... more


The state of São Paulo is the world’s seventh most populous urban area and is considered the economic, financial... more

Nutrient pollution is getting worse in many estuaries throughout the U.S., especially those on the heavily populated East Coast.

That’s... more


The city of Santa Paula, Calif. is home to the first large-membrane bioreactor (MBR) installation in North... more

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is building a $50-million waste transfer station with 84 parking spots in the southern region of the state. The two... more

In Pennsylvania Dutch country, some things change slowly, if at all. Thousands of Amish and Mennonites living in towns such as Strasburg, Bird-in-... more

The city of Gastonia, N.C., water treatment plant was constructed in 1922 near what is now the center of the city. Gastonia, a city of 70,000... more

In late 2000, the village of Clarks in central Nebraska was alerted that the water from its public drinking water system contained uranium levels... more

Many public water supplies have entrained air that causes the water to appear milky or cloudy. Conventionally, stilling basins are used to treat... more

The Trinity River Authority (TRA) of Texas established its Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) in 1957 and began operations in December 1959... more

When Otter Creek Water Reclamation District was faced with expensive reoccurring cleanup costs at its largest wastewater pump station, engineers... more

When a Midwestern municipality needed to select a new turbidimeter for its new water filtration plant, it discovered its current units had been... more

AdEdge Water Technologies LLC recently delivered a water treatment system to San Antonio de Los Cobres, a village of 5,000 residents in Argentina'... more

While most people enjoy a little ice in their water glass, a large ice plug inside a water storage tank can spell disaster. Unfortunately, ice... more

The town of Grand Junction, Iowa, uses a groundwater source to provide water to 850 people. The water quality from a 365-ft-deep well is... more


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