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One of the biggest expenses in wastewater treatment operations is the cost of energy to run the blowers and compressors that produce air for the... more

When it comes to removing oil from water for recovery, reuse or recycling, there is a solution for any application. With 50 years of providing oil... more

The risk of fire and explosion is a serious concern for personnel working in industrial facilities such as petroleum refineries and chemical... more

Eldridge Products Inc. (EPI) manufactures thermal instrumentation to measure and control virtually all gas flows... more

The Indian River Lagoon is a narrow channel of brackish water that extends nearly 160 miles down the spine of Florida’s Atlantic coast. While not... more

Bench-scale testing was conducted to quantify the effectiveness of BOD5 removal utilizing an aerobic biological contact reactor and ballasted... more

Energy consumption from an aeration system is a biggest part of the total energy cost in a wastewater treatment plant and accounts for as much as... more

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, Calif., evaluated two variants of Kruger/Veolia’s Anita Mox process for removing centrate nitrogen... more

Polymer consumption associated with sludge dewatering operations is typically a significant fraction of operating costs for wastewater treatment... more

Electrodeionization (EDI) is widely used in many industrial water treatment systems throughout the world. In order to maximize the operating... more

Mixed bed ion exchange is often used to polish reverse osmosis permeate in many industrial water systems. This process has been utilized for... more

Until 9/11, fire hydrant security had more to do with "hindrance" than "prevention." It was the theft of hydrant parts, vandalism and unauthorized... more

Wastewater treatment plants are an untapped market in the world of energy efficiency. For municipal governments, these plants account for 30... more

This white paper explains how to detect multiple collection system problems that can eat into an operational budget without anyone knowing about... more

Landfill gas is produced by the decomposition of organic material in landfills. It is a mixture of gases that are required to be monitored and... more

Removal of surface oil can be simple, efficient and inexpensive. In this w... more

CST Storage, formerly known as Engineered Storage Product Company (1996- 2011), was originally part of the A.O. Smith Company. It was A.O. Smith’s... more

Ice damage inside your water storage tanks can cost you thousands of dollars every winter and can lead to expensive emergency repairs. Learn how... more

A common side effect of wastewater treatment processes is the unpleasant odor that can linger near the plant, annoying neighbors, who complain.... more

In today’s complex and frequently rugged process plant environments, liquid pumps are often overworked and underprotected from adverse operating... more


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