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The City of Cocoa Beach, Fla., faced some challenges. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had established total maximum daily loads (TMDLs)... more

On the way to Steamboat Springs, Colo., the Town of Walden rests on a high glacial plain, just 20 miles from the Wyoming border in Jackson County... more

Mixed-use developments and small communities are taking advantage of sensible phasing with... more

Scotland is blessed with a wealth of resources, including spectacular natural landscapes, a rich history and abundant fresh water. Because of the... more

Ron Popeil coined the phrase “set it and forget it” to sell his kitchen gadgets. But the phrase applies to more than slow-roasting a chicken.... more

Plant No. 1, in North Carolina, is an advanced activated sludge treatment plant. As part of its solids handling process, the town combines its... more

Located just east of the central coastal region of South Louisiana, Assumption Parish is bordered by the Mississippi River’s industrial corridor... more

Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Butler County, Ohio, was having trouble with its grinders. The plant serves more than 42,500... more

For the community of Swindon in England, an investment in a state-of-the-art municipal solid waste plant was a major commitment for the future.... more

In 2003, the City of Butler, Mo., placed its new water treatment facility into service, producing drinking water from a surface water impoundment... more

The Narragansett Bay Commission owns and operates the Field’s Point Wastewater Treatment Facility (FPWWTF) in Providence, R.I. The commission’s... more

The City of Pottsville in Schuylkill County, Pa., faced a serious problem with wastewater overflows, caused in part by the design of its 1800s-era... more

Ultrafiltration (UF) is commonly used as a pretreatment to reverse osmosis (RO) to ensure consistent and efficient operation. As Shandong Hongxin... more

The Oconomowoc (Wisc.) Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) needed to repair or replace its existing shallow-bed traveling bridge sand filters.... more

There is no greater honor for a golf course than being awarded the right to host a big-name tournament. It’s a tribute to the effort put into... more

Nova Scotia’s Halifax Regional Water Commission (HRWC), also known as Halifax Water, provides potable water, wastewater and storm water services... more

Deep in the Apalachicola National Forest in the Florida panhandle where U.S. 319 makes a crank-handle turn stands the community of Sopchoppy. It’s... more

In 2006, Arbiogaz from Istanbul, Turkeym received the order to upgrade an existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The system consisted of a... more

Odor and color are problems for many rural water providers. High reliance on well water increases the chances of encountering sulfur, tannins and... more

Take a drive down I-65 south of Nashville, Tenn., and at about the time the strains of country music give way to a chorus of songbirds and... more


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