Ultrafiltration System Features Small Footprint

The system's technological enhancements improve performance & reduce installation costs

Membrane systems for treating drinking water keep evolving, and the recent introduction of the Memcor CPII ultrafiltration (UF) system is no exception. The Memcor CP II system from Evoqua Water Technologies is a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular building-block configuration and ultra-compact footprint.

The system incorporates the latest PVDF UF membrane technology and features a series of physical and technological enhancements that simplify setup, improve performance and reduce installation costs. It sets a new industry standard for water production per footprint area.

In the Memcor CP II UF system, feed water is pumped through the feed header and into modules comprised of thousands of membrane fibers with microscopic pores on the membrane surface. As the water passes through the fibers, the membrane rejects particles greater than 0.04 μm. The system provides greater flexibility, with options for high and low solids backwash timed at routine intervals, which minimizes system downtime and results in more production from each membrane module. Material that is not removed by the backwash is removed by regularly timed chemical cleaning.

Memcor CP II UF systems utilize an assembly that combines the feed, filtrate, air, and waste headers with the membrane housings to form the MemRACK array. The integral headers within the MemRACK array are designed to optimize flow distribution within the system, delivering greater long-term process stability. The enhanced modularity of the Memcor CP II UF system speeds implementation and delivers greater design flexibility. MemRACK arrays are manifolded together to form functional units designed to fit an operator’s application and available footprint, and racks can be combined in a variety of configurations.

The Memcor CP II is ideal for new installations and major upgrade applications, combining durable materials and reusable housings with easy module access that reduces maintenance requirements and delivers exceptional value over the entire system lifecycle.

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