American Water Expands Protection Programs in Four States

Water and sewer line protection to be offered in Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas

American Water Works Company Inc., a U.S. water and wastewater utility company, announced that it is expanding the number of communities in which its Water and Sewer Line Protection Programs will be available to homeowners in Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.

Offered through American Water Resources Inc. and American Water Resources of Texas Inc., subsidiaries of American Water, the Water Line Protection and Sewer Line Protection Programs provide homeowners with comprehensive protection for leaks and breaks in water lines, as well as clogs or blockages in sewer on their property. These repairs are not typically covered by homeowners’ insurance or their water or sewer service provider.

Through American Water Resources, American Water has been providing water line, sewer line and in-home plumbing protection programs to homeowners for more than ten years. The company has nearly 1 million customer contracts in 22 states.

“Many homeowners are unaware that they are responsible for making repairs to the water and sewer lines on their property until one of them breaks. So we are pleased to be able to inform more homeowners about this issue and to offer programs to help protect them from the high cost of those repairs,” said Sharon Cameron, president of American Water Resources.

“As the age of a home increases, so does the likelihood of having water and sewer line problems," Cameron said. "Our statistics show that nine out of every ten repair claims we process are for homes built more than 25 years ago.”

The Water and Sewer Line Protection Programs provide homeowners with protection for water and sewer line emergencies, including the dispatching of a local, licensed contractor for repairs, basic site restoration and 24-7 customer service. Water Line Protection starts at $5 per month and covers up to $5,000 in repairs. Sewer Line Protection starts at $9 per month and covers up to $8,000 in repairs.

Another benefit of enrollment in these programs is that homeowners don’t need to find a contractor to make what is often an emergency repair. American Water Resources establishes a network of local, contractors in the communities it serves to make repairs. As part of its expansion into more communities, the company is currently reviewing and selecting additional local, qualified plumbers for its contractor network.

American Water

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