Skunk Work Technologies' Coherent Water Resonator to Be Used By a US Government Agency

Skunk Work Technologies, Inc. announced that the company's oxygenation system "Coherent Water Resonator" (CWR) has been accepted for testing by a major U.S. Government agency. The testing is to take place in Washington over a two to three week period. Skunk Work Technologies expects to place 14 CWR units after the test period in the same area and as many as 700 units will be placed nationwide.

Skunk Work Technologies' affiliate Clean Water Research & Technology, LLC, has a technology whereby CWRT's system can raise the level of dissolved oxygen naturally as high as 10-18 parts per million in a body of water. CWR raises dissolved oxygen levels quickly and economically. One single CWR unit can treat a 50-acre water body. CWR maintains this level with solar power using very little energy. Most lake water is about 6-8 ppm oxygen and most drinking water 8-10 ppm oxygen.

The CWR, which generates oxygen in bodies of water, continues to be demonstrated at a golf course located in Taber Alberta. With the following results: Initial oxygen reading of 2.7 ppm, 6.7 ppm after 8 hours, 7.8 ppm after 12 hours and 10.5 ppm after 24 hours.

From an appearance point of view, the water body transformed itself from unsightly green algae, murky water into a clear, clean, highly oxygenated healthy water body within a five (5) day period.

The CWR is expected to revolutionize society's ability to clean-up polluted water bodies, and to put lakes, rivers and oceans on the road to recovery by naturally causing oxygen to enter bodies of water at levels that will support life again.

Skunk Work Technologies

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