Kruger Provides Odor Monitoring Systems Across the US

Company provides technology for more than 14 million residents

Kruger Inc. has been implementing odor monitoring for U.S. municipalities since 2010. Since then, more than 14 million residents have benefitted from Kruger’s unique OdoWatch real-time odor monitoring system, made by Odotech of Montreal, Quebec.

Kruger’s system is the world’s first odor monitoring system that takes actual data from emission sources and combines it with real-time weather data to create odor plumes that operators can see to fine-tune plant equipment to reduce off-site odors. Municipalities that have been using OdoWatch over the last several years are located in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Arizona and California.

In addition to the benefits of being able to proactively manage odors from their facilities, municipal wastewater treatment plants have shown documented savings in operations and capital investment by using OdoWatch.

Kruger Inc.

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