Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to Conduct Power Failure Evaluation

With the Board's approval, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District senior management will conduct a formal evaluation of how the August 14th power outage affected wastewater treatment operations. The purpose of the evaluation is to learn from the power failure and improve their response to this previously unprecedented event.

The scope of this project will involve conducting workshops with treatment plant and sewer systems personnel, evaluating potential capital improvements, reviewing emergency response procedures/plans and preparing a report outlining findings and recommendations.

To save time, the District requested the services of Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. The firm's familiarity with the District's facilities and personnel will allow them to begin work immediately. The projected cost of the evaluation is $381,667. Additionally, the District has provided a $100,000 allowance for the company Montgomery Watson Harza to coordinate outside energy issues with the Cleveland Water Department and the electric utility companies.

Last month's power outage disrupted District operations by forcing the release of 57 million gallons of partially treated wastewater into Lake Erie. Such an extensive power outage had never occurred in the history of this country, let alone in the District's 32-year history.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District operates three wastewater treatment plants and related water pollution control facilities on Lake Erie, the Cuyahoga River and Rocky River. The District serves 60 suburban communities and the City of Cleveland and employs approximately 550 people.

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

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