Moncton, Canada Selects Fixed Network AMR System

Hexagram, Inc., manufacturer of fixed network automatic meter reading (AMR) system in the water and gas industry, announced that the city of Moncton, Canada selected the Hexagram STAR Fixed Network AMR System to fully automate its water meter reading program which is comprised of over 18,000 units in the city’s service area.
In its communications to the citizens of Moncton, the city proudly boasts its AMR project campaign slogan, "Moncton… We’re Water Smart".
For over 15 years, Moncton has conducted numerous projects and studies to better enhance the distribution and treatment of its water system to the community. Greater Moncton is ranked number one according to the Canadian Business Magazine in its survey of Canada’s 40 largest cities.
"With the STAR Fixed Network AMR solution we will be able to evaluate and quickly respond to leak detection issues, as these abilities were inconsistent with past applications", said Bruce Tait, director of Public Works and Utilities of the city of Moncton.
Gary Moore, Hexagram’s CEO said, "The STAR Fixed-Network System offers the unique, reliable, and cost-effective solution sought out by the City of Moncton and with this system, the city will have the tools to exceed its stated objectives."


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