Membrane Bioreactor Treats Wastewater on World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Orelis, a Rhodia subsidiary and specialist in membrane filtration technologies, has just installed a compact treatment plant onboard the Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest cruise ship who set sail on maiden voyage on January 12, 2004.  This plant will treat 39,000 ft3/day of wastewater and discharge clean water back into the sea all thanks to Orelis’ Pleiade® external loop membrane bioreactor technology. 

The system can be compared in size to the wastewater treatment plant for a town of 8,000 inhabitants.  This technology enables the ship to operate in waters protected by extremely stringent wastewater discharge regulations.  Using this technological performance, the Queen Mary 2 can be called the first entirely "environmental friendly" ocean liner.
Applied to industrial effluent treatment, the Pleiade ultra-filtration process has been used successfully for more than 25 years in Japan for recycling building wastewater. This technology has now found further application in the construction of a new generation of cleaner ships, more respectful of the oceans' ecosystem.
Associated with biological treatment, Pleiade ultra-filtration membrane technology enables significantly higher performance in terms of waste treatment, compared to conventional biological treatment plants.  It also ensures compliance with the most stringent environmental protection standards.

Orelis SA

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