McCrometer Celebrates 55 Years in Flowmeter Industry

Company started in 1955 as McCall-Crom Engineering Co.

Flow measurement and meter company McCrometer is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year.

“We are especially grateful to our customers, associates and suppliers who have helped McCrometer achieve this milestone anniversary,” said President Kerry McCall. “In looking toward the future, we plan to continue delivering the flow meter quality, service and value that have helped us develop a winning partnership with our customers large and small all over the world.”

In 1955, Floyd McCall, his twin brother Lloyd McCall and brother-in-law Art Crom founded what was then known as the McCall-Crom Engineering Co. Unable to find the right flowmeter for their irrigation system, they designed their own and named it the Mc Propeller Flow Meter. The company was renamed in 1961 by rolling together the names McCall and Crom, and adding the term “meter” into the name, resulting in “McCrometer.”

Floyd McCall was the product development heart of McCrometer in its early days, and in 1987 he invented and patented the breakthrough V-Cone Flow Meter. Since that time, the Mc Propeller and V-Cone Flow Meters have become helped the company become successful in the process instrumentation industry.

Hundreds of thousands of McCrometer flow meters currently are in use across the globe. From sub-sea oil platforms 6,000 ft underwater in the North Sea to automated crop monitoring systems in the Great Plains of the U.S., the meters are used in a variety of applications.

Today, McCrometer is a subsidiary of Danaher Corp., a diversified technology company based on a foundation provided by the Danaher Business System (DBS). McCrometer utilizes DBS to guide what it does, measure execution and create options for doing even better. The company’s operational philosophy is rooted in four customer-facing priorities: quality, delivery, cost and innovation.


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