Lisbon, N.H., Wastewater Treatment Facility Recognized for Excellence

The municipal wastewater treatment facility in Lisbon, N.H. was recently selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for national Operations and Maintenance Excellence Award.
The staff of the Lisbon Wastewater Treatment Plant was recognized by EPA for their outstanding work in operating and maintaining the facility and their overall commitment to improving water quality. The Lisbon plant is among five facilities in New England, and 17 nationwide, recognized for exemplary performance.
The N.H. Department of Environmental Services Wastewater Engineering Bureau's Operations Section was also recognized by EPA for providing outstanding on-site technical assistance – not only to the Lisbon Wastewater Treatment Plant, but to other wastewater treatment plants in the state.
The Lisbon wastewater treatment plant won first place in the "most improved" plant category. The plant operator, Welch's Water and Wastewater Services, working in cooperation with the state Department of Environmental Services, has turned this once destitute and mismanaged facility into what is now an well-operated and maintained plant. The staff has completely overhauled the laboratory, which had been totally neglected. Innovative process control techniques have improved effluent quality and an outstanding equipment maintenance program has been put in place. In addition, the operator has overcome numerous challenging events in emergency response situations. For example, the operator had to dive into a lagoon to install a check valve to prevent the failure of a dike, thereby preventing raw sewage from reaching the Ammonoosuc River. The facility and collection system have improved to the point where the likelihood of any preventable emergency situation in the future is minimized.


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