AES Norgener Orders Two IDE Desalination Units

Andritz Energy & Environment chooses mechanical vapor compression units to meet Chilean power plant’s increased capacity needs

IDE Technologies Andritz Energy & Environment AES Norgener Chile

IDE Technologies Ltd. announced that Andritz Energy & Environment has placed a purchase order for two more mechanical vapor compression (MVC) desalination units for AES Norgener, a power station facility in Chile. The MVC solution satisfies AES Norgener’s increased capacity needs and provides desalinated water for the coal-fired 280 MW power plant.

For more than 15 years, IDE’s thermal desalination units have been in operation at the AES Norgener power plant located in Tocopilla, Chile. The new MVC units will yield an additional capacity of 1,200 cu meters per day of desalinated seawater to be used for the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) process, which will minimize gas emission, meeting high standard environmental regulations. Withefficient evaporator condensers, the units will result in increased water output while requiring low energy levels and a small environmental footprint.

“The depletion of water sources is a huge problem in a growing number of regions all over the world, and Chile is no exception,” said Avshalom Felber, CEO of IDE Technologies Ltd. “We are proud that our advanced technology and eco-friendly approach can help organizations like Andritz provide a sustainable and reliable solution to better serve customers such as AES Norgener.”

IDE Technologies

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