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Pentair, a company focusing on the treatment, transfer and flow of water and other fluids, will showcase its latest solutions for reducing, recovering and reusing water at... more
Cemtrex, a diversified industrial and manufacturing leader, announced that the company has received new orders in excess of $8 million over the past two months across its... more
The American Water Works Assn. applauded the work of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Monday for its efforts in advancing "Good Samaritan" legislation... more
Water Standard has announced that it has acquired the business of Monarch Separators, a Houston-based supplier of industrial produced water and oil separation equipment... more
The water crisis in Brazil came to a head on Nov. 5 when a spill spewed millions of gallons of iron ore waste. According to a Dec. 20 LA Times article, the Rio Doce turned... more
The city of Stevens Point, Wis., owns and operates a municipal activated sludge wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) that processes an average of 2.9 million gal per day. The... more
Each spring, the quality of the process water at a pulp mill in eastern Canada would suffer when the seasonal snowmelt generated large volumes of runoff into a nearby lake... more
Liquid waste is big business, at least for longtime industrial services company Plummer’s Environmental Services in Byron Center, Mich. And like any region with manufacturing... more
Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) can mineralize recalcitrant organic and inorganic contaminants in toxic and biocidal wastewater streams that are difficult to treat by... more
The Ada Township, Mich., utilities department was experiencing frequent unscheduled maintenance visits and corresponding unbudgeted repair bills for the pumps at the township... more
Discovered in 2003, the Papa Terra Oil Field is located 68 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 3,937 ft. It is located in the Campos... more
The plant operator for a city in Wisconsin noticed a buildup of sludge in the treatment plant lagoons and wanted to prevent the need for future dredging, as the costs for... more
Choosing a flowmeter is not always a straightforward task. Trial and error sometimes proves to be the only effective method of narrowing down what will work in a particular... more
WaterPod containerized treatment units contain one of many AdEdge package units treating a wide variety of contaminants for drinking water, remediation or industrial applications. The fully... more
  • WaterPod containerized treatment units contain one of many AdEdge package units treating a wide variety of contaminants for drinking water, remediation or industrial applications. The fully... more
  • The Fuzzy Filter is a compressible media filter for water and wastewater treatment systems. Operating in an upflow or downflow design, it achieves a high rate of solids removal through the use of... more
  • The technology biottta (biologically tailored two-stage approach) leverages nature to offer an affordable and sustainable solution for wellhead treatment of inorganic and organic contaminants. The... more
  • Globe valves for process and utility applications offer an actuator that can be rotated 360 degrees. Visual indication is standard, and the valves feature reliable spring loaded v-ring packing, and... more
  • This bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) potable water tank with geodesic dome is located in Guam. The tank was built to withstand 170-mph winds, measures 98 ft in diameter by 27 ft in height, and... more
  • The Model 2060 is a 2-in. flanged plastic control valve designed to handle corrosive fluids. It features a body of either PVDF or polypropylene and an actuator or yoke of glass-filled polypropylene.... more
  • Find sources of surface inflows and other plumbing faults with the company’s smoke systems. Its smoke fluid systems, smoke candles and smoke blowers are all engineered specifically for sewer and pipe... more
  • GWT Series advanced ZeoTurb is a zeolite water treatment medium. It is an environmentally safe treatment solution for flocculation of turbidity and silt absorption in primary clarification processes... more
  • The CHC Solution combats Legionella while providing a chemical-free water treatment solution for cooling towers. Through the use of controlled hydrodynamic cavitation, it offers a chemical-free... more
  • X1-Series industrial reverse osmosis systems are cost-effective turnkey solutions for industrial process water applications. They offer up to 80% recovery, thereby minimizing wastewater. The systems... more
IWWD September/October 2015
Ice damage inside your water storage tanks can cost you thousands of dollars every winter and can lead to expensive emergency repairs. Learn how... more
A common side effect of wastewater treatment processes is the unpleasant odor that can linger near the plant, annoying neighbors, who complain. Often... more
In today’s complex and frequently rugged process plant environments, liquid pumps are often overworked and underprotected from adverse operating... more
Imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively—and even generating a profit while doing so. Removal of surface... more
Wednesday, June 17, 2015 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Participants earn one Professional Development Hour. Webinar Overview Sources of high quality raw... more
Wednesday, October 29, 2014 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Participants earn one Professional Development Hour. Webinar Overview: Rather than using... more
The Quint UPS-IQ uses the newly developed IQ technology to increase system availability. The rail-mounted uninterruptible power supply (UPS) monitors a scalable battery... more


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