EPA to Hold Nationwide Meetings to Promote Water-saving Products

EPA's Office of Water has scheduled a series of meetings to explore programs promoting water-efficient products to consumers. More widespread use of these products would conserve water supplies, reduce energy use, and help maintain aquatic ecosystems.
Meetings are being held across the country over the next few months to gain a broad perspective on EPA's proposed program. This is the second in a series of meetings to determine the best and most cost effective way of saving water nationwide.
The first meeting was held on Oct. 9, 2003, in Washington, D.C. A broad range of stakeholders attended and provided input on program concepts, existing programs, potential pitfalls, and possible directions for this future program.
Additional meetings are scheduled as follows:
• Jan. 15, 2004 in Austin, TX — focusing on utility, government and non-governmental organization roles;
• Feb. 17, 2004 in Phoenix, AZ — focusing on urban landscape irrigation products;
• Mid-March 2004 in Seattle, WA — focusing on residential, commercial, and institutional products.
For more information on this initiative or future meetings, please see EPA's Water Efficiency web page at www.epa.gov/owm/water-efficiency/index.htm.


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