Enhanced Coconut Shell Carbon - a High Performance Alternative to Traditional Coal-based Carbons

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Original Broadcast Time:  August 8, 2013, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

Webinar Overview:
Utilities now have the option of using a newly developed coconut shell carbon as an alternative to coal-based media. This webinar will address the advantages of AquaCarb CX Carbon from Siemens for disinfection by-product control, and removal of tastes and odors and halogenated organic contaminants from surface and ground waters. Performance data will be shared that makes a compelling economic case for the new carbon in many treatment applications based on achieving a longer bed life than coal-based carbon, and its ability to be reactivated and improve in performance over time.

Participants in this webinar earn one Professional Development Hour (PDH).

Company Description:
Siemens Water Technologies has been providing leading technologies and know-how for over 100 years to help consulting engineers and municipalities clean and purify the world's most precious resource - our water. We excel at biological processes, high rate clarification, membrane treatment, disinfection, disinfection by-product treatment, liquid phase and vapor phase activated carbon filtration systems, odor control, low energy biosolids solutions, and seamless controls across process equipment.

Adam M. Redding
Scientist, Activated Carbon Products
Siemens Water Technologies
Adam Redding is a scientist with Siemens Water Technologies, based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, where he directs activated carbon research and development. He received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University in 2008, and also acquired both his master's and bachelor's degrees at Penn State. His dissertation focused on predicting the removal of endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals on modified activated carbons.

Christopher Rinaldi
Business Manager, Activated Carbon
Christopher Rinaldi has an overall 22 years of experience in designing and selling activated Carbon systems for water treatment applications. He holds both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Environmental Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Chris is based in Elizabeth NJ and manages the Ion Exchange, Remediation and Activated Carbon businesses for Siemens Water Technologies.

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