Dow Commercializes New Solvent-Free Resin With High Efficiency in Water Softening Industry

New Resin Enables Design Flexibility, Reduced Waste and Lower Water Pressure Drop

The Dow Chemical Company has commercialized its new DOWEX* XUS-43597, a solvent-free resin with the highest operational efficiency available in the home drinking water industry. The company made the announcement at the 30th Annual Water Quality Association conference in Baltimore, Md.

Designed to address homeowner's demands for high performance, environmentally friendly water softening systems, the new resin has higher salt efficiency and lower water pressure drop than other solvent-free resins, resulting in lower cost, less waste and greater system design flexibility. DOWEX XUS-43597 is FDA compliant and exceeds California's stringent salt efficiency regulations.

Dow's XUS-43597 solvent-free resin adheres to the DOWEX standard of high performance, quality, and reliability. The product is domestically produced, assuring batch-to-batch consistency and reliable delivery. NSF/ANSI Standard 44 certification is pending.


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