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Water utilities continue to have to do more with less; in the town of North City, Ill., the same is true for North City-Coello Water, the municipal water system. As a very small utility, it has limited budget, staff and resources. Yet when it came time...
Division Manager Dwile Weagel has spent 26 years working for the Public Works Utilities (PWU) of Billings, Mont. Field Supervisor Mark Holmes has worked for PWU for 30 years.  Neptune Technology Group and PWU also began their partnership long ago,...
Men historically have been at the helm of the water industry, but as more women enter science, technology, engineering and math programs, the gender gap is narrowing. Gender equality in these fields is continuing to make strides, and women are more...


The Water & Wastes Digest staff invites industry professionals to nominate the water and wastewater projects they deem most remarkable and innovative for recognition in the Annual Reference Guide issue. All projects must have been in the design or construction phase over the last 18 months.

2015 Top Projects Nomination Form


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