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Since 1957, Singer Valve has been designing, manufacturing and distributing pilot-operated diaphragm control valves. With innovative technologies, the company provides solutions for water-loss management, water conservation and urban water and wastewater distribution throughout the world. By using quality materials and testing every valve and pilot before it is shipped, Singer Valve has an unprecedented track record for long-lasting, easy-to-maintain solutions that work upon installation.


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The PGM control valve with integrated single rolling diaphragm (SRD) gives users a valve that comes with the integral backup and remote control for sensitive applications that are hard to access. The valve also provides smooth, steady and precise pressure management from maximum to virtually zero flow. The control valve with the SRD technology is available in sizes from 6 to 26 in. more
  • The PGM control valve with integrated single rolling diaphragm (SRD) gives users a valve that comes with the integral backup and remote control for sensitive applications that are hard to access. The valve also provides smooth, steady and precise pressure management from maximum to virtually zero flow. The control valve with the SRD technology is available in sizes from 6 to 26 in. more
  • The 106/206 PGM Series control valves feature single rolling diaphragm (SRD) technology and are designed for particularly sensitive applications or situations in which valves are difficult to access and maintain. They provide an integral backup control and the ability to signal should the desired function move off limits. It can also provide an independent and very positive override. more
  • The 106-PR-SM and 206-PR-SM series control valves are engineered for use wherever pressure-reducing valve failure is unacceptable. These valves have a second, independent operating system that is superimposed upon the standard primary system. With the assurance of a backup system, maintenance schedules may be extended, as pressures will continue to be controlled—even in the event of failure with... more
  • The ZS strainer is designed to protect control valves and pipelines from foreign matter and debris in the flow stream. Manufactured in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the large-area Z plate is designed to provide smooth laminar flow, which is ideal for locations ahead of automatic control valves. The ZS strainer is supplied with flushing ports on both sides, along with an air bleed... more
  • Singer Valve’s 420-DC/AC automated pilot control provides a reliable, simple and cost-effective solution to automate water systems. This innovative pilot control is suitable for all of the company's valve sizes, and offers programmable span and speed control via USB cable and software. The IP68 approved pilot control offers predicable accuracy, and quick troubleshooting and maintenance. more
  • The Singer Model 106-SPI-MV is a single point insertion electromagnetic flowmeter, installed and calibrated in conjunction with a Singer valve to provide an accurate flow rate that can be utilized with the metering valve as a standalone option or built into a 106-2SC-PCO pilot system to provide complete flow-based valve control. more
  • The 106-RPS-RR and 206-RPS-RR surge anticipating relief on rate of rise valves are based on the 106-PG and 206-PG main valves. Each valve is installed downstream of the pump check valve(s) and has two pilots—the 81-RP and the 81-RPD. Both pilots sense pressure through a connection to the header pipe. The 81-RP high-pressure pilot acts as a standard relief pilot, opening on excessive pressure... more
  • The 106-AC series control valve is designed to solve high pressure-drop problems by allowing smooth control and protection from cavitation damage. It is ideal for applications in which large pressure differentials preclude the use of standard automatic control valves and varying flows make orifice plates ineffective. more
  • The Model A106-DL-Air is a compact sewage relief valve that is suitable for pressures up to 200 psi, responds very quickly and retains all the features and benefits of the Model A106-DL spring-hydraulic version. It is an attractive solution to what may be an otherwise difficult application due to high pressures or space limitations. The Model A106-DL-Air-ET retains all the features and benefits... more
  • The 106-PR and 206-PR series pressure-reducing valves are based on the 106-PG and 206-PG main valves. The pilot valves sense the downstream pressure through a connection at the valve outlet. Under flowing conditions, the pilot reacts to small changes in pressure to control the valve position by modulating the pressure above the diaphragm. The downstream pressure is maintained steadily at the... more
  • The 106-PFC/206-PFC pressure modulation valve is a pressure-reducing valve with a special patented pilot that increases downstream pressure as flow increases. The PFC valve alters and controls pressure with flow to create virtually constant pressure at the critical pressure point in a system. It will also automatically adjust for distribution friction losses. This PFC valve will deliver... more
  • The 106-RPS and 206-RPS pressure relief valves are based on the 106-PG and 206-PG main valves. The 81-RP pilot senses the upstream pressure through a connection to the valve inlet. The valve and pilot remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the pilot setting. The valve opens rapidly to relieve damaging overpressure and closes smoothly at an adjustable speed when the pressure returns below... more
  • The A106-DL sewage pressure-relief valve is a direct-acting spring-loaded relief valve. It is adjusted to open when the pressure exceeds the set point, which is approximately 10% greater than the normal operating pressure; it closes drip-tight when pressure falls below the set point. The A106-DL is connected on a tee off the main line and usually discharges relief flow back to the main sump to... more
  • The 106-A-Type 2 and 206-A-Type 2 altitude control valves are based on the 106-PG and 206-PG main valves and are ideal for maintaining a preset maximum water level. Each valve functions as a two-position control valve—either fully open or fully closed. The Type 2 valves allow normal forward flow to fill the reservoir to the maximum level and then closes drip-tight at the set point. They open to... more
  • The 106-EF-8837BX and 206-EF-8837BX excess flow valves are based on the 106-PT and 206-PT double-chamber main valves. Each valve is designed to shut off tightly when flow exceeds a predetermined amount. The 625-RPD pilot senses the pressure drop of the valve and closes it when the tripping flow is reached; the typical pressure drop at tripping is 5 psi (0.35 bar). more
  • The Singer models 106-2SC-PCO and 206-2SC-PCO dual solenoid electronic valves are based on the Singer model 106-PG and 206-PG main valves. The flow into and out of the upper operating chamber is controlled by the two pilot solenoids. The electronic control determines whether the opening or closing solenoid is operated. The change in valve position depends upon which solenoid is operated and the... more


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