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Since 1857, the Mueller name has been known for innovative water distribution products of superior quality. We are North America’s largest and only full-line supplier of potable water distribution products. Our products are used throughout the water system from source to customer. We catalog thousands of flow control products to suit the needs of virtually any potable water system, and for use with any water main or service line pipe material. Mueller Water Distribution Products are available through authorized Mueller stocking distributors in the United States, and around the world through qualified distributors and representatives.


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Products + Services

Hydro-Guard automatic flushing and monitoring systems maintain water quality in distribution systems. They can be programmed to flush and monitor water quality parameters such as chlorine residuals, temperature, pH, flow, turbidity and pressure. Click here for more information. more
  • Hydro-Guard automatic flushing and monitoring systems maintain water quality in distribution systems. They can be programmed to flush and monitor water quality parameters such as chlorine residuals, temperature, pH, flow, turbidity and pressure. Click here for more information. more
  • Mueller provides plumbing contractors with one of the broadest product lines of water service connections with distribution mains, service lines and meters. Products include corporation valves; curb valves and boxes; brass service pipe fittings; insulated products; copper meter setters; iron meter yokes; meter and check valves; meter boxes; and service saddles. For more information, click... more
  • This simple and cost-effective technology continuously monitors pressure in potable water distribution systems. The sensor, typically installed two per district metering area, reports pressure data at customer-defined intervals via a low-cost machine-to-machine cellular based service or a Mueller advanced metering infrastructure network. Information is collected and analyzed on a Mueller-hosted... more
  • As critical pieces of emergency equipment used to preserve lives and property, all Mueller fire hydrants are designed, built and tested to assure high performance and dependability. Numerous dry and wet barrel designs are available, with maximum working pressures of up to 350 psi. For more information, click here. more
  • Fire hydrants are the most visible components in water distribution systems and, therefore, one of the most vulnerable to purposeful or accidental contamination. Mueller makes both active and passive devices to provide a protection that keeps fire hydrants dependable and available for fire emergencies. For more information, click here. more
  • Mueller designs and manufactures flow control valves for all potable water distribution systems, including resilient wedge gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves and tapping valves. These valves operate under maximum working pressures of up to 350 psi. Various end connections are available. For more information, click here. more
  • Mueller has created and offers a complete line of pipe repair products—including service saddles, tapping sleeves and repair clamps—for all types of pipe material. These components are available in bronze, stainless steel and ductile iron in sizes ranging from 2 to 36 in. For more information, click here. more
  • Private industry and public institutions rely upon special fire protection systems as required by their insurance underwriters. Mueller provides these end users with a full line of fire protection products—including fire hydrants, indicator posts, check valves and OS&Y gate valves—compliant to Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual requirements. For more information, click here. more
  • Mueller offers a complete selection of drilling and tapping machines, as well as small and large drilling machines, for installing water services and extending mains on virtually every type and size of pipe. Air-, electric- and hydraulic-powered operators are also available, in addition to accessories such as cutting grease, shell cutters, pilot drills, center hubs and adapters. For more... more
  • Most water distribution systems have areas where water lines may not have sufficient demands to keep the detention time short enough to maintain minimum disinfectant residuals. Hydro-Guard monitors water quality in distribution piping and automatically initiates flushing as necessary to maintain disinfectant residuals, as required by the U.S. EPA. For more information, click here. more
  • Mueller’s remote pressure monitoring system reports pressure data at customer-defined intervals via a machine-to-machine cellular-based service or a Mueller advanced metering infrastructure network. The GIS map interface can be viewed with any Web browser. Alerts are transmitted via SMS and/or e-mail when user-defined settings for low- or high-pressure conditions are reached. For more... more


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