McElroy Manufacturing Inc.
McElroy began operations in 1954 as a two-person startup in an Oklahoma garage. In the 1960s, it became a forerunner in the Fintube Machinery market, with a strong presence that continues today. In 1969, McElroy designed its first Polyethylene Fusion Machine. That line has now expanded to form the industry's most complete line of fusion equipment, which is used with a variety of thermoplastic pipe—from HDPE and Fusible PVC to Polypropylene-Random.


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Products + Services

The Talon 2000 has the ability to lift 2000-mm pipe from the ground with its powerful jaws as the machine adjusts its height and orientation to correctly align and fuse pipe. Fusion machines this size typically require a crane or a forklift to move them to the jobsite, but McElroy made the Talon 2000 a track-mounted, self-propelled vehicle that straddles the pipeline as a wireless remote control... more
  • The Talon 2000 has the ability to lift 2000-mm pipe from the ground with its powerful jaws as the machine adjusts its height and orientation to correctly align and fuse pipe. Fusion machines this size typically require a crane or a forklift to move them to the jobsite, but McElroy made the Talon 2000 a track-mounted, self-propelled vehicle that straddles the pipeline as a wireless remote control... more
  • McElroy’s In-Ditch 48 brings fusion capability to confined work settings using large-diameter pipe. It features a top-loading heater and facer that provide greater flexibility in tight spaces with minimal site excavation required. The In-Ditch 48 packs more power into a smaller package with 3,000-psi maximum pressure to serve various in-ditch applications for 16- to 48-in. (450- to 1200-mm) OD... more
  • The McElroy hydraulically adjustable Pipe Stand for 4- to 20-in. (200- to 500-mm) pipe helps align thermoplastic pipe more efficiently on butt fusion jobsites. It features hand-pumped hydraulic lifting, which gives the operator the ability to adjust the height of the stand while the pipe is still supported on the stand. The hydraulic adjusting feature eliminates the need to remove the pipe from... more
  • The Acrobat 160 is a low-force fusion machine for 63- to 160-mm polypropylene pipe used in plumbing, mechanical, geothermal and other applications. The lightweight device has a small footprint to deliver easy access in tight indoor workspaces. The carriage can be reconfigured from four to three jaws without using tools. The jaws are narrow so that fusions can be made on most flanged pipe and... more
  • The new TracStar500 Series 3 features additions over previous models, such as an indexer-mounted heater and facer, economy engine throttle setting and hydraulic clamping. The heater now is attached to the machine, and the engine saves fuel by throttling down when idle. The machine can fuse thermoplastic pipes from 6-in. IPS to 20-in. outer diameter in size. Both standard and automatic models are... more
  • The QuickCamp system is a lighted, insulated and climate-controlled enclosure that allows operators to fuse pipe day or night under all weather conditions. The QuickCamp system includes the QuickCamp shelter housing a 1236/900 or 824/630 fusion carriage and the MegaMc PolyHorse and MegaMc Rollers productivity tools. more
  • The DataLogger 5 from McElroy offers the ability to record and document the parameters of the pipe fusion process. The latest generation of the DataLogger is similar in size to the DataLogger 4, and like the DataLogger 4, it has a rechargeable internal battery and a pressure sensor with a 0 to 3,000 psi pressure range. The FusionGuide feature gives a fast “go/no-go” interpretation of graphs... more
  • The DataLogger Vault is a secure server available on the Internet to store fusion joint data from not only the DataLogger 5, but also previous models such as the DataLogger 3 and 4. It allows users to store their fusion joint data and have access to a variety of analytical tools. more
  • The McElroy 28 fusion machines will butt fuse pipe sizes from 2-in. IPS to 8-in. DIPS (63 mm to 225 mm). They come in multiple model configurations to assure that your pipe fusion needs are covered. Rolling, TracStar and Pit Bull machines incorporate the interchangeable 28 four-jaw carriage, which can be easily removed for in-ditch fusion. For tight installations, the outer fixed... more
  • McElroy’s Guided Side Bend Tester performs a qualitative test of a fusion joint by destructively testing a coupon. This quality assurance device tests the ductility of polyethylene pipe fusion joints in a safe, quick manner. “Bend back” tests have been performed in the field for years; this testing method places the entire wall thickness into tension and gives assurance of the ductility of joints. more
  • The polyethylene pipe fusion catalog and reference guide is a sourcebook for pipe fusion equipment, accessories and critical information for the pipe joining industry. The guide includes information on the full range of the brand’s fusion equipment and an expanded reference section. more


DataLogger 5
DataLogger Vault

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