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I. Kruger, Inc. (d.b.a. Kruger Inc.) a provider of water and wastewater treatment process solutions, is a subsidiary of Veolia Water, one of the largest full service water and wastewater companies in the world. Kruger AS was started in Copenhagen, Denmark over 100 years ago. In 1989 Kruger AS established a subsidiary company, I. Kruger Inc, in the United States. In 1991 Kruger acquired the high purity oxygen wastewater business of Air Products and Chemicals Corporation to add to its growing portfolio of process solutions. In 1999 Kruger became part of OTV now Veolia Water and continues to build on it previous successes. By offering unique value added treatment equipment and processes, I. Kruger Inc, now located in Cary, North Carolina has grown to become a recognized leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry.


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United States
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Products + Services

Actiflo Carb enhances the removal of natural organic matter, taste and odor compounds, endocrine disruptors and pesticides with the combined benefits of ballasted clarification and the adsorption capacities of powdered activated carbon (PAC). It can be applied to both drinking water and wastewater applications. more
  • Actiflo Carb enhances the removal of natural organic matter, taste and odor compounds, endocrine disruptors and pesticides with the combined benefits of ballasted clarification and the adsorption capacities of powdered activated carbon (PAC). It can be applied to both drinking water and wastewater applications. more
  • Anita Mox is a moving bed biofilm reactor for treating wastewater with high ammonia concentrations (200 to 2,000 mg/L). With patented controls, it removes nitrogen from side streams—such as those from anaerobic digesters—with 60% less air than conventional nitrification and no supplemental carbon. This significantly reduces the energy need and cost of operation in the main plant.  more
  • Biostyr Duo is a first-of-its-kind integration of biological aerated filter and moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technologies. Wastewater first flows through a dynamic MBBR media layer that provides a large surface area for biofilm growth and treatment. Flow then passes through the Biostyrene media layer, which provides additional fixed-film treatment and filtration as the water flows up through... more
  • Bio Thelys is an enhancement to anaerobic digestion. It is a two-stage, batch thermal hydrolysis process, utilizing high-pressure boiling of biosolids followed by a rapid decompression. This process’ capabilities include increasing existing digester capacity by two to three times, increasing biogas production, producing Class A biosolids and increasing dewaterability up to 40%. more
  • BNR processes with real-time dynamic controls reduce aeration energy by 30% compared to time-based controls. Ceramic membranes provide a 10% to 20% electrical savings compared to other drinking water membranes. Discfilters offer a 40% to 50% energy savings over alternative tertiary filtration suppliers. The biosolids dryer and energy-recovery system can recover 100% of the dryer heating needs. more


Customized Thermal Hydrolysis Solutions
Actiflo Microsand Ballasted Clarification
AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
Resourcing the World

The Power of Bundling

The Metropolitan (Metro) Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Plant provides wastewater treatment for approximately 270,000 residents of the City of Syracuse and surrounding... more

One Plant, Two Solutions

The Western Wake Partners constructed the Western Wake Regional Water Reclamation Facility (WWRWRF) with the region’s future growth in mind. The facility is located in... more

BOD5 Removals Via Biological Contact & Ballasted Clarification for Wet Weather

Bench-scale testing was conducted to quantify the effectiveness of BOD5 removal utilizing an aerobic biological contact reactor and ballasted flocculation/settling.... more

An Alternative Mathematical Model for Oxygen Transfer Evaluation in Clean Water

Energy consumption from an aeration system is a biggest part of the total energy cost in a wastewater treatment plant and accounts for as much as 60% of the energy... more

Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Anita Mox for Centrate Nitrogen Removal at the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County, Calif., evaluated two variants of Kruger/Veolia’s Anita Mox process for removing centrate nitrogen at the Joint Water... more

In-Line Real-Time Measurement of Polymer Concentration in Centrate & Filtrate of Full-Scale Dewatering Facilities

Polymer consumption associated with sludge dewatering operations is typically a significant fraction of operating costs for wastewater treatment plants. Although efforts... more

Bristol, Conn., Awards Contract for Clarification System

Kruger Inc. was awarded a contract from the City of Bristol, Conn., to furnish an ACTIFLO ballasted clarification system for its Water Pollution Control Facility. This... more

New Jersey Energy Station Adopts Water Treatment Technologies

Kruger Inc. has furnished West Deptford (N.J.) Energy with Biostyr biological aerated filter (BAF) and Hydrotech Discfilter systems, allowing effluent from a municipal... more

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Receive Awards for Pilot

Kruger Inc., a Veolia business unit specialized in water treatment solutions for partnered with the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County to compare the... more

Kruger Selects U.S. Supplier of Stamo Products

Kruger Inc., Veolia’s U.S. municipal solutions provider, has entered into an agreement with Stamo Maskin AB as its supplier of Stamo products and services in the U.S.... more

Kruger Employees Participate in Blood Drive

Volunteers from Kruger Inc. donated 31 pints of blood on Dec. 6, 2013, contributing to the health and well-being of up to 93 patients in the Raleigh/Durham/Research... more

Overcoming Hydrogen Sulfide

Wastewater treatment plant personnel can face public scrutiny over odor emissions from treatment plants and wastewater collection system networks. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S... more

Expanding Treatment Capacity

As many wastewater treatment plants approach their maximum capacities or face stricter effluent limits, communities are weighing different options. Space limitations... more

MBR Ups Capacity

In recent years, the robust growth of residential and commercial development in the Outer Banks of North Carolina has put a strain on many area wastewater services. The... more

Product Categories

Biosolids Management; Energy Efficiency; Filtration; Membrane Technology; Storm Water


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