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EDI has been a world leader in supply of advanced technology aeration systems and biological treatment systems since 1975. EDI currently has over 6,000 installations worldwide in more than 100 countries. EDI’s focus on a four cornerstone principle approach of innovation, dedication, technology leadership and infrastructure allows us to guide our customers and generate value solutions in the aeration industry. The experienced professionals at EDI provide the highest level of service and system design support in the industry.


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StreamLine’s design minimizes in-basin aeration piping and attached diffuser components. The self-contained membrane panels and inline support system reduce stress points and potential material fatigue. The system delivers a new level of performance, simplicity and service life. more
  • StreamLine’s design minimizes in-basin aeration piping and attached diffuser components. The self-contained membrane panels and inline support system reduce stress points and potential material fatigue. The system delivers a new level of performance, simplicity and service life. more
  • EDI’s HexAir diffuser is suited to when continuous online performance and low maintenance cost are required, including flow conveyance channels, pump wet wells and single reactor applications. The system features a rod-through design that allows all in-basin piping and diffuser elements to be mechanically cleaned should an obstruction develop. Standard... more
  • EDI’s MaxAir diffuser provides broad-band coarse-bubble aeration for maximum mixing efficiency. The unit is available in a 24-in. standard length, which provides a full 48-in. air release perimeter. Air release uniformity and mixing efficiency feature multilevel air metering orifice design, which provides full utilization over the entire operating range of the unit. MaxAir diffusers are ideal for... more
  • The EDI MaxAir SS diffuser provides broad-band coarse-bubble aeration for maximum mixing efficiency. The unit is available in 24- or 12-in. length; a full 48-in. air release perimeter is provided with the 24-in. unit, and a 24-in. air release perimeter is provided with the 12-in. unit. The multilevel air-metering orifice design provides full air release uniformity and mixing efficiency over... more
  • EDI PermaCap diffusers are designed for aeration applications in which intermittent coarse-bubble operation is desired. PermaCap units are available with either 3/8-in. or 3/4-in. NPT threaded (male) inlets to allow simple installation into threaded pipe applications. An optional universal diffuser mount is available for non-threaded applications. Units are... more
  • Streamline signifies a departure from standard practice by minimizing air distribution piping and individual diffuser components. Engineering using integral piping, tubular membrane and inline support components reduces high stress points and material fatigue. Streamline delivers a new level of simplicity and service life never before available in the industry. more
  • The FlexAir Disc diffuser is equipped with premium quality membrane materials that are engineered by the EDI Membrane Technologies division. EDI’s proprietary membrane materials are engineered for superior product life. Multiple membrane perforations are available to optimize the performance of the diffuser for maximum operating efficiency, air-handling capacity and operating pressure. An... more
  • EDI’s FlexAir MiniPanel diffuser is a fine-pore, flexible membrane diffuser that provides excellent operational flexibility and oxygen transfer efficiency. The MiniPanel diffuser features an exclusive top-half-only perforation design that produces optimum oxygen transfer efficiency performance. A full 380 sq in. (0.245 sq meters) of perforated area is provided with a single MiniPanel... more
  • Specifically perforated for high-volumetric air-handling capacity and head-loss efficiency, FlexAir Tube units are configured with an EPDM rubber membrane sleeve; for industrial and non-standard domestic applications, alternate membrane materials—including urethane, silicone and other specialty polymers—are available. Alternate perforation patterns are available for energy sensitive applications... more
  • The ATLAS-DBBR (internal decanted bio balanced reactor) system integrates conventional decanted reactor technology with EDI’s “equilibrium” solids management program to improve the performance capabilities of lagoon-based wastewater treatment systems. Conventional lagoon treatment systems that are experiencing hydraulic or organic overload; inadequate BOD or TSS reduction; poor ammonia conversion... more
  • The EDI ATLAS-IC (internal clarifier) system uses a simplified mechanical hopper bottom clarifier to improve the performance capabilities of lagoon-based wastewater treatment systems. Conventional lagoon treatment systems that are experiencing hydraulic or organic overload; inadequate BOD or TSS reduction; poor ammonia conversion; high effluent total nitrogen;... more
  • The patented EDI ATLAS-IS (internal separator) system uses a biological solids separator module and “equilibrium” solids management design to provide advanced treatment in a lagoon-based wastewater treatment system. Conventional lagoon treatment systems that are experiencing hydraulic or organic overload; inadequate BOD or TSS reduction; poor... more


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