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As the industry's leading provider of conduit systems for corrosive environments, Calpipe Industries, Inc. delivers an unrivaled breadth of solutions for the most demanding applications. We are fully committed to providing the highest quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customer expectations as well as industry standards. • Calbrite (—Division of Calpipe Industries Inc.: Headquartered in Hammond, Ind., Calbrite is the leading name in stainless steel conduit systems for harsh and corrosive environments. • Calbond (—Division of Calpipe Industries Inc.: Headquartered in Santa Paula, Calif., Calbond offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories for the protection of electrical products used in highly corrosive environments.


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Products + Services

Calbond GUA style fittings are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions. GUA style boxes are used in hazardous locations. All GUA style boxes are supplied PVC coated with PVC coated covers and a seal between the coating of the boxes and the coating of the covers. more
  • Calbond GUA style fittings are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions. GUA style boxes are used in hazardous locations. All GUA style boxes are supplied PVC coated with PVC coated covers and a seal between the coating of the boxes and the coating of the covers. more
  • Calbond manufactures a full line of aluminum rigid PVC coated conduit and fittings. Lighter and easier to handle than steel galvanized PVC coated conduit systems, Calbond’s aluminum PVC coated systems provide savings in installation while providing excellent corrosion protection. more
  • All of Calbond’s conduit bodies come standard with double coating. A minimum thickness of 0.002-in. urethane is found not only on the interior of the conduit, but also on the exterior, providing an additional layer of protection. Calbond PVC-coated conduit is UL/cUL listed and fully complies to NEMA RN-1, providing protection in highly corrosive environments. more
  • Calbrite’s stainless steel EMT and EMT elbows are now UL/cUL approved. This recent addition to UL/cUL 797A offers Calbrite’s customers a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel rigid conduits. more
  • Ideal for harsh and corrosive environments, Calbrite’s type 316 stainless single-gang device boxes are equipped with a lockable cover and a multidie gasket, and they mount to all Calbrite single-gang device boxes. Calbrite’s in-use boxes are made in America and are NEMA 3R and 4X approved. more
  • Calbrite's stainless steel type X conduit body makes it easier for contractors, maintenance personnel and other end-users to run wire and cable in multiple directions. The type X configuration is manufactured from stainless steel, ensuring a long lifetime in corrosive and harsh environments. more
  • Calbrite’s stainless steel IMC is specified in harsh environments due to its lighter weight, precise tolerances and ease of installation. Calbrite is the exclusive manufacturer of stainless IMC, and it has provided the industry a cost-effective alternative to the stainless steel rigid conduit. It is available with or without threads, allowing for lowered costs and simplified installations. more
  • Calbrite’s stainless steel flex connectors are manufactured in type 316 stainless for corrosion resistance. NEMA 4X approved, they are ideal for damp locations and provide excellent strength and durability for demand applications. Connectors are compatible with both stainless bare and coated flex conduits. more
  • Do you have a conduit system that requires PVC coating that is not in Calbond’s product catalog? Talk to Calbond’s experts about its custom coating services. Calbond provides its products with short lead times and personal service. more


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