AirSep Corp. – A Chart Industries Company

In business for more than 29 years, AirSep Corporation - A Chart Industries Company, offers time-tested, innovative PSA and VPSA oxygen supply solutions that are engineered to generate oxygen on-location, 24 hours a day. Through AirSep's standard product line and custom tonnage plants, AirSep offers the mining industry economical alternatives to delivered cylinder and liquid oxygen. Capable of delivering up to 95% oxygen concentration, non-cryogenically, at rates of 12-120,000 SCF/hr (120 tons per day) and pressures up to 65 psig without supplemental boosting, AirSep's CSA and CE Approved systems are the most cost-effective, most efficient, and safest oxygen source available for gold and silver leaching, as well as uranium recovery applications. Ideal for remote locations, the systems eliminate missed deliveries, the dangers associated with storing large amounts of oxygen, and price increases. "Oxygen... 21% of the atmosphere, 100% our business."


AirSep Corp. – A Chart Industries Company
260 Creekside Drive
Buffalo, NY 14228-2075
United States
Toll-free: 800-320-0303
Phone: 716-691-0202
Fax: 716-691-1255

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Odor Control Equipment; Wastewater Treatment; Water Treatment; Ozone Generation Systems, Components

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