Pipe Fusion: Selecting the Right Machine

The fusing of thermoplastic pipe results in a leak-free and corrosive-resistant system that is becoming the preferred choice for replacing conventional piping systems that are failing across the country.

McElroy is a worldwide leader in the science of joining thermoplastic pipe in a growing number of infrastructures. A crucial part of any new installation is the selection of a fusion machine that will cater to your jobsite’s specific needs.

Pipe size

Reflecting Pool Renovation

Washington, D.C., is home to some of the U.S.’ most prized and revered memorials. To the nearly 24 million people who visited the mall in 2011, the Reflecting Pool appeared to be more of a science project than a scenic and iconic historic stop.

Big Apple Rehab

In “the city that never sleeps,” it seems only right that any construction job match the moniker of Manhattan. For the past two years, workers from contractor Halycon Construction and subcontractor Insituform Technologies Inc. have convened on different blocks of iconic Madison Avenue to rehabilitate a 140-year-old 48-in. water main running under the street. To alleviate the headaches that could happen by snarling New York City’s rush-hour traffic, workers quickly moved onto sections of the avenue each Friday night and worked until Monday morning.

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