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Saving Time, Money & Manpower

Since adding Mission M110 RTUs to 40 lift stations, Lenawee County, Mich., has saved time, manpower and money. As county drain commissioner, Stephen May runs a utility responsible for maintaining 707 separate drainage districts encompassing more than 1,500 miles of drains.

Mission has helped him reduce site inspections, find holes in riser pumps more quickly, and resolve a major billing dispute with the power company.

Personnel, sales manager, West, Central, Northeast, new

Eddie Stewart Joins Mission Communications

Mission Communications announced that Eddie Stewart has joined the company as central north regional sales manager.

Because of nationwide opportunity growth, Mission has allocated a portion of its current Western, Central and Northeastern regions for Stewart, who will be based in Olathe, Kan. Stewart will provide additional focused support for this area to spur sales growth.

Stewart’s territory will include the following states and associated distributors:

Case Studies

Monitoring the Museum

The Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Wash., preserves and houses art and other historical artifacts that include more than 80 works by French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The facility was founded by railroad executive and lawyer Sam Hill after an attempt to develop a Quaker farming community and town on his remote 5,300-acre estate in 1907. The Hill mansion eventually was converted into a museum that officially opened to the public in 1940, nine years after Hill’s death.

Tech Reviews

SCADA System Helps Utilities Manage Collection Systems

The Mission Communications managed SCADA system helps municipalities better manage, operate and maintain collection and distribution systems. The Model M800 offers real-time alarms delivered by any combination of voice phone calls, text messages, e-mails, faxes and pages. These alarms—paired with real-time pump status, analog and flow data, as well as purpose-built reports help operators avoid pump failures and overflows—maintain compliance and access historical trending data.

Mission Communications Manhole Monitor Baton Rouge Louisiana sanitary sewer

Baton Rouge to Install Sewer Monitoring Devices

The Department of Public Works’ sanitary sewer overflow program in Baton Rouge, La., is in the process of installing sewer overflow alarm and tracking devices in approximately 20 manholes to solve overflow problems throughout the city. When levels are high, the Manhole Monitor from Mission Communications sends alerts to maintenance staff so preemptive action can be taken to prevent a spillover. The system has already been installed in an area where neighbors have complained about overflows for years.

Tech Reviews

In-Sewer Device Offers Real-Time Alarms to Prevent Spills

The Manhole Monitor from Mission Communications is a rugged in-sewer alarm and reporting system purpose-built for proactive sewer monitoring programs.

Case Studies

Banishing Backups

The village of Waterford in southern Wisconsin is a community surrounded by several rivers. It serves 5,000 customers with average flows of 500,000 gal per day (gpd). The oldest part of the village was built in the 1900s. For years, officials have struggled to prevent recurring backups in an environmentally responsible manner. Assistant Director of Public Utilities James Bergles said he and his team spent many hours addressing these issues and resolving them.


Mission Communications Introduces In-Sewer Level Alarm Device

Mission Communications has announced the release of its new in-sewer alarming and tracking device—the Manhole Monitor. This device provides immediate alarms to inform personnel of high level and surcharge conditions in manholes.

Undetected problems can be discovered and fixed with timely data and alarms delivered by real-time monitoring devices. These notifications allow personnel to assess critical situations and prevent spills from occurring.


Mission Communications Releases 4G Radios

In February of this year, Mission Communications released the new fourth-generation (4G) AT&T HSPA+ radios for deployment. AT&T's second-generation (2G) radio networks will be phased out by 2016. Cellular carriers are currently adjusting cellular towers to accommodate the frequencies of the more efficient 4G networks. Upgrading to 4G radios will improve network layer protocol and error connection methods.


Mission Communications Announces New Indiana and West Kentucky Distributor

Mission Communications, LLC, has announced that BL Anderson of Lafayette, Ind., is now distributing Mission products to western Kentucky and Indiana. Anderson began servicing the water and wastewater industry over 50 years ago and continues to value customer relationships. The company has earned a reputation for exemplary before- and after-sale service. It also has a history of partnering with high-quality manufacturers. BL Anderson employs 11 experienced engineers with over 200 years of combined industry experience.

Case Studies

South Carolina Utility Adopts Cellular SCADA System

Marlboro Water Co. (MWC), established in 1972, is a small water company nestled in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina. For nearly 40 years, MWC has served the community of Marlboro County and surrounding industrial neighbors. When they were faced with the need to reduce ongoing operating and administrative costs while increasing efficiency, Marlboro Water Co. turned to a SCADA solution that, by far, exceeded their expectations.

Case Studies

‘Good Value’ on Lots of Data

When Walter Mahoney of The Louis Berger Group Inc. needed a cost-effective solution to monitor a landfill gas flare at a former solid waste disposal facility in Rhode Island, he found the perfect fit with the Mission model M-800. He needed real-time alerts to ensure that the gas flare was operating and methane gas was not migrating from the landfill. He also needed to monitor gas flow, stack temperature and the level of water in a condensate recovery tank.

Case Studies

Keeping Monitoring On Course in Pebble Beach

Most people, not just golfers, recognize the name Pebble Beach, Calif., as one of the premier residential communities in the nation. Nestled on the shoreline and bluffs of the California Monterey peninsula, Pebble Beach is home to hundreds of multimillion-dollar estates and some of the most meticulously maintained golf courses in the world. One course, the Pebble Beach golf links, hosts the annual Pebble Beach Pro/Am golf tournament.

Case Studies

Cellular-Based Monitoring on San Juan Island

San Juan Island, Wash., is a popular resort destination where the population fluctuates with the season and the arrival of Orca whales and salmon. To get to the island, one must first drive an hour north of Seattle to the city of Anacortes. From there, take a two-hour ferry ride through a 130-island group to arrive at the 20-mile-long San Juan Island, which is at the waterway entrance to Puget Sound.

Managing a Critical Supply With Limited Resources


Mission Communications Announces New Ownership, Leadership Change

Forrest Robinson and Dave Barringer purchase the stock from Mission founder John K. Collings and Jeffrey CollingsThe Mission Communications senior management team of Forrest Robinson and Dave Barringer has purchased the stock from Mission founder John K. Collings and his brother, Jeffrey Collings.

John Collings is stepping down from his post as president and Jeffery Collings is stepping down as national sales manager. Although they will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operations, the company will still lean on their expertise and seek their advice from time to time.


Mission Communications Hires New Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Jesse Nowacki has more than twenty years of industry experience Jesse Nowacki has recently joined Mission Communications, an innovative service provider of cellular SCADA technology to the water/wastewater industry, as the Northeast regional sales manager.
Nowacki, a New Jersey native, comes to Mission Communications from Water Resource Sales and Service of Lafayette, N.J. He and his family will continue to reside in Vernon, N.J., from where he will be responsible for managing distributor relationships and end user education in the northeast U.S.