Valves: Swedish Town Installs Valve to Aid in Pipeline Repair

A drinking water supply line in Örkelljunga, Sweden, needed a valve. A pipeline was in critical need of repair and required a shutoff for work on a segment. The responsibility for installing the valve on this older drinking water line rested with Karl-Gustav Svenson, the project manager. The 4-in. line serves about 148 customers, and Svenson was anxious to avoid service disruption for the entire system during a lengthy procedure.

A Simple Choice

Easy Valve Installation

The Water Distribution Div. of the Environmental Services Department in Ponca City, Okla., is responsible for providing potable water to approximately 11,000 residential customers, six rural water districts, and many commercial and industrial customers, including a food processor and a refinery. In order to increase water conveyance reliability, as well as minimize service interruption during emergency situations, the city decided to install three 24-in. valves on one of its main feed pipelines immediately downstream of the water treatment plant. 

Operation Shutdown

EZ Valve keeps the water flowing during construction in Decatur, Ind.

The city of Decatur needed to insert a 12-in. valve as part of a pavement removal and resurfacing project.The area where the installation occurred had numerous fast food restaurants, a strip mall and other businesses near it, which would all be affected if the water were turned off.

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