White Papers

Guide to Eliminating Pipe Bursts

There are a variety of mitigating solutions that can result in a significant decrease in the number and frequency of pipe bursts within a water utility’s distribution or transmission system. This paper focuses on several solutions and offers a brief explanation of the applications and intricacies of the associated equipment. An overview is also given of non-diaphragm operated control valve solutions, along with background information that includes the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of equipment.

Taking the Mystery out of Cavitation Pilot-Operated Automatic Control Valves

This white paper will deal with cavitation solutions as they relate to valves and specifically pilot-operated automatic control valves. A high-level description of what causes cavitation and the associated impacts will be covered. Typical occurrences of cavitation and consequences will also be discussed in some detail. A brief history of cavitation solutions will be explored so an understanding of past practices will be fully understood.