Arsenic Reduction in Alaska

New treatment system resolves high contaminant levels for Alaskan town

Navajo Community Removes Contaminants

New system treats for iron, arsenic and manganese

Arsenic Reduction in Oregon

A new treatment system removes arsenic, iron and manganese for Oregon town

Treatment System Reduces Contaminants for Oregon Town

Arsenic, magnesium and iron are now under EPA limits

Containerized Water Treatment System Removes Arsenic at Nevada Corrections Site

AdEdge WaterPOD systems provides quick solution to elevated arsenic issues

Water Treatment System Removes Uranium From Nevada Community’s Groundwater

AdEdge AD92 helps Elk Point meet EPA standards for uranium levels

Water Treatment System Removes Arsenic, Iron and Manganese in Ohio Community

EcoWater Servisoft selected AdEdge to design and install integrated treatment system for groundwater

Simplifying Water Treatment in Saskatchewan

AdEdge water treatment removes arsenic, iron and manganese in Resort Village of Kannata Valley

New Mexico Village Removes ‘Red Water’ With AdEdge AD 26 System

System fit within existing well building with no major modifications, saving thousands of dollars

Treating Iron & Manganese

System reduces iron and manganese levels in Georgia community

Treatment System Solves Arsenic Issue for Indiana School

Turnkey system reduces iron, arsenic and manganese

Oxidation/Filtration Solution

Water treatment system removes arsenic, iron and manganese for Indiana school

Integrated Contaminant Removal

Oxidation/filtration water treatment system removes arsenic, iron and manganese in Ohio town

Iron and Manganese Removal in Los Gatos, Calif.

Integrated treatment system provides a consistent solution to water quality challenges

Iron and Manganese Removal in a Michigan Mobile Home Community

Treatment system provides consistent water quality in White Lake, Mich.

Meeting a New Standard

Treatment system solves arsenic issue for apartments in Sudlersville, Md.

Iron, Manganese Removal System Reduces Cooling Tower Cost

McGraw-Hill data center recognizes cost savings in converting to existing groundwater supply well

Reducing Arsenic at a U.S. Navy Facility

Adsorption-based system helps facility meet EPA MCLs

Reducing Arsenic Concentrations in Illinois

Treatment system consistently reduces arsenic below 2 ppb

Meeting MCLs

Treatment system helps Michigan town clean up iron, arsenic and manganese