Ovivo Announces 2015 MBR Operator’s Workshop

Ovivo has announced its 10th Annual MBR Operator’s Workshop, which is being held in Austin, Tex., on May 14 and 15, 2015. The workshop is open to all MBR operators, whether they use an Ovivo MBR or a different MBR technology.

Ovivo to Build Largest MBR System in North America

GLV Inc., via its water treatment business unit Ovivo, announces its participation to upgrade a wastewater treatment plant for the city of Canton, Ohio. Ovivo will deliver the largest membrane bioreactor (MBR) in the U.S.

Ovivo to Collaborate with F450C

GLV Inc. (GLV Group) has announced that its business sector Ovivo was recently recognized as the only water treatment company to be part of the Facility 450 Consortium (F450C)—a select group of companies that will collaborate to develop the next generation of wafer fabs. "It is a demonstration of trust from the semiconductor industry, and especially a recognition of Ovivo’s technological skills in the ultrapure and water recycling technologies," said Richard Verreault, president and chief executive officer of GLV Inc.

Ovivo Signs Three Contracts in Electronics Market Segment

GLV Group (GLV Inc.) has announced that Ovivo, its operating sector involved in water treatment, signed three major contracts for a total value of close to $85 million Canadian. These contracts were obtained in the electronics market segment.

Ovivo Created Through Merger of Two Companies

New company looks to offer global water technology solutions to customersOvivo, which stands for “Water for Life,” is the result of the merger earlier this year of Eimco Water Technologies, including its American subsidiary, Enviroquip, with Christ Water Technology. The revamped company debuted on Sept. 13.

According to Ovivo, the merger will allow the company to provide customers with a greater range of technology solutions backed by global expertise from the major markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.