Elastomer Valves Provide Solutions

The most critical parts of any valve are its engineering and construction. Elastomer valves are built to specifically provide low maintenance and long life spans in the toughest applications. The design of an elastomer valve provides trouble-free wear resistance that outperforms and outlasts many other valve styles.

Clearer Channels

Wastewater treatment facility installs coarse bubble diffusers with removable assemblies for channel aeration and mixing
The Easterly Wastewater Treatment Facility, part of the Northeastern Ohio Regional Sewer District in Cleveland, Ohio, has more than 6,000 ln ft of channels where the wastewater flow is routed to and from various process components within the system. These channels cannot be bypassed or drained for access without disrupting the treatment processes and system hydraulics.

Preserving Water Quality in Distribution Systems

Mixing systems research and developments for water storage tanks and reservoirsDistribution storage tanks and reservoirs could have a negative impact on water quality due to short-circuiting, poor mixing and long detention times. Many of the water quality problems associated with storage tanks can be specifically attributed to the inlet and outlet pipes.

With new water quality regulations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has put a great amount of emphasis on minimizing water age and improving water quality in distribution systems.

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