Pressure Filters Keep Tourists Coming to Resort Town

More than 60 years after Churchill Hungerford approached Ocean City, Md., officials about the city’s basic water needs, Hungerford & Terry Inc. continues to help meet the burgeoning pure water requirements of the city’s ever-growing number of summer vacationers. 

Meeting Seasonal Demand

Since the early 1950s, Hungerford & Terry of Clayton, N.J., has handled water filtration for Ocean City, Md., one of the East Coast’s most popular summer resorts. The population swells from 7,000 residents in the off-season to upwards of 350,000 during the peak summer months, and this massive surge creates enormous seasonal demand for drinking water.

100 Years in Water Treatment

The past 100 years have been filled with world wars, great technological advancements and inventions and major social movements. WWD Associate Editor Clare Pierson spoke with Alan Davis, president of Hungerford & Terry, about the company’s strategies to being successful for 100 years and counting in the water treatment industry.

Clare Pierson: What is a quick timeline of Hungerford & Terry’s history, and what are the key facts about its current water treatment technology?

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