Paper Mill Wastewater System Receives Phosphorous Treatment

The existing wastewater treatment system of a pulp and paper facility in China uses 600 kg per day of diammonium phosphate (DAP) to provide the needed phosphorus concentration to maintain a healthy microbial population to treat wastewater. These microorganisms break down the organic matter being discharged from the paper processing facility. Without the correct concentration of available phosphorus, the microorganisms are unable to grow and reproduce. The facility’s effluent has a chemical oxygen demand (COD) of 200mg/L.

Bio Stimulants Lower WWTP Sludge Disposal Costs

Bio Stimulants Lower WWTP Sludge Disposal Costs

The Problem:

Sludge Removal

Wastewater from manufacturing operations typically lacks the nutritional building blocks necessary to effectively sustain wastewater microbial life. As a result, operational problems occur and inefficient waste stabilization results.