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The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) announced that the Sun Valley Watershed Multi-Benefit Project in Los Angeles County, Calif., has earned the Envision... more
ABB is celebrating its 125th anniversary in Finland. Founded in 1889 in Helsinki by entrepreneur and inventor Gottfrid Strömberg, ABB Finland is today an automation and power... more
CH2M Hill has added Scott Bash to the firm’s Global Strategic Consulting service team. Bash is located in the firm’s Bellevue, Wash., office. In his new role, Bash will be... more
Larry Stevens, P.E., PWLF, project director for the HR Green Inc. in Johnston, Iowa, was elected president of the American Public Works Assn. (APWA) during the recent 2014... more
During a cooler-than-average summer thus far, I am happy to be saving energy and money by running the air conditioning less—this energy cost savings is easy to get used to.... more
“Improving the wastewater system represents the absolute top priority,” was the urgent message of the 2009 Batesville Comprehensive Plan. The message applied not only to... more
Thomas Edison’s quote inspires Joe Tucker, P.E., city engineer of Marietta, Ohio, and his staff to invest the necessary man-hours to fully explore alternative design and... more
The town of Hayden is a small, tight-knit community in southeastern Arizona with a population of 700 people that is almost entirely housed within approximately 1 sq mile.... more
The “new sewage”—raw sewage with floor wipes, hand wipes and miscellaneous plastics—has been causing non-clog sewage pump plugging problems for municipalities not just in the... more
A new ballasted biological treatment process helped the Allenstown, N.H. Wastewater Treatment Plant expand capacity in response to orders from state regulators who had placed... more
The Hall Road Well Station is located in Abington, Pa., approximately 12 miles (20 km) north of Philadelphia. The site is designed to extract and treat 1.5 million gal per... more
Pinellas County, Fla., has a distribution system that is typical of many major metropolitan water systems, with over 700,000 customers, 2,000 miles of piping and several... more
The existing wastewater treatment system of a pulp and paper facility in China uses 600 kg per day of diammonium phosphate (DAP) to provide the needed phosphorus... more
Kaeser’s EBS Series of rotary screw blower systems combine the energy efficiency savings of the Sigma Profile rotary screw airend with the convenience of a complete blower package designed... more
  • Kaeser’s EBS Series of rotary screw blower systems combine the energy efficiency savings of the Sigma Profile rotary screw airend with the convenience of a complete blower package designed... more
  • The eXact Micro 20 dual wavelength photometer delivers sustainable, cost-effective water testing solutions. It is waterproof (IP-67) and quickly does onsite testing for more than 35 direct-read water... more
  • The Lovibond MD 600 is a multi-parameter colorimeter for water analysis and is ideal for testing water in the field or in the laboratory. The unit supports more than 120 pre-programmed methods... more
  • The HTT-2100 communication device is a self-contained remote terminal unit that receives input data from analog or digital sensors and transmits that data through satellite or cellular networks... more
  • The EZstrip transfer pump provides a quick way to disassemble, de-rag and maintain a progressive cavity pump in place, reducing maintenance time by more than 93%. The pump offers direct access to the... more
  • The 7600 Series pump is a multistage, horizontal, radially split pump for high-pressure service. With as many as 30% to 50% fewer stages than the competition, repairs are less costly and can be... more
  • When brush rotors in oxidation ditch applications approach the end of their useful lives, a prudent upgrade replacement is Envirex disc aerators from Evoqua. Existing tanks can be used, and disc... more
  • The Duet screen is dual aperture screen with grit removal in a single tank. The screen has a first stage screen utilizing 3-mm aperture Brackett Green ProPaPanels, followed by a second stage of 1,600... more
  • The GridBee THM removal system with floating spray nozzle from Medora Corporation effectively removes trihalomethanes (THMs) from potable water storage tanks and clear wells (0.2 mg to 150 mg).... more
  • Combine the convenience of wireless data delivery with the intelligence of noncontact flow monitoring. Using wireless Hach FL900 Series flow loggers and noncontact FLO-DAR AV sensors, this system... more
Water quality problems in potable water storage tanks include temperature stratification, stagnation, dead zones and short-circuiting. These problems... more
Now in the second phase of its consent decree-mandated Long Term Control Plan to optimize interactivity between its four wastewater processing plants... more
Productivity is more reliable when equipment can be monitored to detect incipient failures and take corrective action before the plant goes down. But... more
Over the past forty years or more, the natural gas distribution industry in the U.S. has made a remarkable transformation from a near-exclusive... more
Thursday, May 15, 2014 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST Webinar Overview: Corrosion is the most critical issue facing water pressure projects today. Project... more
ARCHIVED ON DEMAND Membrane systems for treating drinking water keep evolving, and the recent introduction of the MEMCOR CPII Utrafiltration System... more
Mazzei Injector Co. LLC has released a new line of compact gas-to-liquid contacting systems that “put gases to work” in industrial and municipal water and wastewater... more
The IntelliBoost variable speed constant pressure booster system is designed to meet the ever-increasing needs and complexity of today’s water systems. The system is tailored... more
The Myron L Co.’s Ultrapen PTBTx wireless pocket testers are designed to be paired with any Apple iOS 6 or 7 device via the Ultrapen's Bluetooth BLE transceiver. A free app... more
The Triton TR6 sensor is designed for the continuous measurement of suspended solids in various ranges—from 0 to 1,000 mg/L to 0 to 5,000 mg/L. The sensor emits a beam of 850... more


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