Cambridge, Mass. Selects Automatic Meter Reading System

The city of Cambridge, Mass., acting through its Water Department (CWD), has selected Hexagram’s STAR® Fixed-Network AMR System to automate its water meter reading system, as well as to support and facilitate their billing system.

The STAR AMR System, which will be fully operational Fall of 2005, will read more than 15,000 meters city-wide.

CWD sought to better facilitate its antiquated techniques of meter reading and improve upon customer service.

"It is highly necessary for CWD to improve overall customer service; eliminate estimated customer reads; reduce unaccounted for water; improve response time for identifying customer disruptions such as leaks, burst pipes and open hydrants; and increase water conservation efforts," explained Sam Corda, managing director of CWD.

"We found the STAR System to have the capabilities and sophistication to accommodate our requirements," he added.

Hexagram, Inc.

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