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Pump Source Spring 2013
Since I last wrote to you about pumps, there have been a number of alarming weather events. (And, might I add, many of them had very peculiar names. Winter Storm Q? Come on. But that’s a subject for another editorial …) The most devastating of them had...
Wastewater treatment is an energy-intensive operation. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimated that in 1994, the water and wastewater segment accounted for 36% of the total electricity consumed by American industrial pumps. At a more practical...
The scenic community of Waupaca, Wis., derived its name from the translation of a Native American term meaning “clear water.” It seems doubly ironic that community wastewater passes through a facility known as the Crystal River Lift Station, once...
Supplying alternative power to lift stations with a diesel-driven generator or an additional standby electric submersible pump has been the most cost-effective and logical standby plan, until now.  Lately, there has been an increasing shift from the...
In an emergency pumping application, it is unlikely that the best-suited equipment will be in place for the situation. It is sometimes necessary to determine how to make available equipment meet the performance well enough to get through the initial...


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