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Pump Source Fall 2013
Pumps are involved in nearly every aspect of modern living, and have always been an integral part of water and wastewater management. If a pump or lift station fails, it is no small matter. The world depends on them, yet pumps often receive negative...
The Sofia Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Kubratovo—the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Balkans—treats the domestic wastewater, process water and rainwater from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Pumping 480,000 cu meters of wastewater from a...
Quality pump engines are built to operate for up to 2,500 hours. In a perfect world, those 2,500 hours would be flawless and maintenance free. Equipment always would start on the first pull and never involve tinkering around with seemingly tedious tasks...
Evolving remote monitoring technology in the pumping environment is allowing water managers to use increasingly sophisticated tools to measure and optimize pump performance. In the past, for example, monitoring was not often recognized as a crucial...
In the past, Highway 99 travelers taking in the view near the Applegate Road exit in Atwater, Merced County, Calif., would see the community’s aging wastewater treatment plant. Incongruously located adjacent to the plant, they might notice a newly...


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