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Pump Source Fall 2011
Clogged pump stations are among the most common problems confronting wastewater utility systems. The city of Haverhill, Mass., was no exception, but five recently completed duplex stations are engineered specifically to avoid such incidents, according to...
Global freshwater demand tripled over the second half of the 20th century as the world population more than doubled and technological advances allowed users access to groundwater from greater depths than ever before. As global demand soars, pressures on...
Centrifugal. Semi-trash. Trash. Diaphragm. These are the primary examples of the different types of pumps available to municipalities. While this variety offers plenty of options to pick from, it also can make the process a bit overwhelming. Whether an...
Capacity, management, operations and maintenance program: Most often, this term is shortened to the familiar acronym CMOM. The ultimate goal of the CMOM process, as it applies to the wastewater treatment industry, is to assure that discharges from...
Pumps have outgrown their role as simple mechanical workhorses. With the inclusion of “computing capability,” they now can manage both energy consumption and processes alike. With embedded intelligence, they also become a great tool to monitor and...
Pumping water is far from a new phenomenon: The practice dates back to ancient times. In fact, many basic principles and even some traditional devices that we apply today have been in existence for hundreds or thousands of years. The continuing use of...


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